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SaaS Strategy Consultant

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Permanent contract
Salary: €80K to 100K
A few days at home
Experience: > 5 years
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We're looking for a SaaS Strategy Consultant to join our team! You will play a key role in our customer success strategy Your main objective will be to build and strengthen relationships with our clients and secure strong sponsorship to sustain the business. You’ll be the orchestrator of the customer journey, coordinating the various day-to-day use cases.

This role is perfect for someone who thrives in a fast-paced and complex environment and wants to be at the forefront of reshaping the way Enterprise engage with new technology, particularly SaaS and AI.

🎬 A snapshot of what you will be doing here:

• Ensure the ROI : Work closely with key accounts to define clear business objectives, timelines, priorities, and metrics of success. Your ability to forge strong relationships will be critical in guiding our clients towards their goals.

• Be the trusted advisor in SaaS Management: Organize and lead a community of customers through sharing success stories, gathering feedback, and fostering peer engagement. Your insights will shape our approach to customer success.

• Be the main contact of the partnership: Ensure robust sponsorship across diverse stakeholders, including CTOs, Architects, Legal, Security, Digital Workplace, SAM, and more. Your role is pivotal in aligning these groups and securing Beamy's strategic positioning within their ecosystems.

• Coordinate the customer journey at Beamy: You are responsible for the success of all customer projects and you set the tempo by delegating. Partner with our Solution Expert to guarantee smooth implementation experiences, and work alongside the Customer Academy to encourage effective use of our platform. You raise alert if needed.

• Customer Advocacy: Serve as the voice of the customer within Beamy, collaborating with Product, Sales, and Engineering teams to relay customer feedback and influence the product roadmap. Your advocacy will ensure that customer needs are at the forefront of Beamy's strategic decisions.

🕵 We are looking for individuals who have:

• Advanced Experience and Business Acumen: Minimum of 5 years of experience within B2LargeB, functioning as a Consultant or Strategic Customer Success roles. Your seasoned background will equip you with the insights and strategies necessary for managing and expanding key accounts.

• Product Mindset: Experience or a strong inclination towards a product mindset, understanding the importance of aligning product capabilities with customer needs. This includes familiarity with product lifecycle management and the ability to contribute insights that shape product development.

• Consulting posture: Working with large companies also means working on the organisational and process issues into which the Beamy platform fits. You'll be able to adopt a consultative stance to understand client's challenges and suggest solutions or the steps that need to be taken to adapt.

• Organisational Skills and Delegation: Exceptional organizational skills, with the capability to delegate tasks effectively, ensuring efficient operation and delivery of commitments. Your ability to organize and prioritize will be essential in managing complex customer portfolios.

• Language Proficiency: Fluency in French and very good level in Business English.

❤️ What We Offer:

• Compensation: 80K to 100K package, plus stock options 💰

• Culture of Transparency: We're an open book when it comes to salaries and the company's financial health, offering clear paths for career progression, all within a positive and empowering atmosphere (think zero micromanagement and high levels of personal ownership).

• Impactful Role: Secure a pivotal spot in our team, playing a crucial part in Beamy's rapid growth and global expansion.

• Top-Tier Benefits: Enjoy the finest health insurance and meal vouchers (Alan & Swile), alongside 5 weeks of vacation plus additional time off (RTT).

⏳ Hiring Process:

We're keen to learn more about you! Please share your professional background (this could be your resume or LinkedIn profile) along with a brief message explaining why you believe we're the perfect match for each other and what you envision for your future at Beamy.

Rest assured, we'll thoroughly review your application and will definitely get in touch. Looking forward to connecting with you! 🙃

Here's what you can expect next:

A 30-minute introductory call with Leslye, Talent & HR Partner.

A 30-minute video discussion with Edouard, co-founder.

A case study to showcase your skills.

A Culture Fit Interview with Leslye to ensure our values align.

An on-site visit to experience our work environment firsthand over lunch.

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