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Onboarding Customer Success

Permanent contract
Salary: €40K to 45K
A few days at home


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Beamy is looking for an innovative Onboarding Manager. This exciting new role presents an opportunity for a forward-thinking individual to shape the onboarding experience for our clients. You'll be able to establish best practices from scratch and make a lasting impact on our company's growth trajectory.

This position isn't just about what you'll bring to Beamy, but also about leaving your mark during this critical phase of our expansion. It's a chance to play a significant role in our users' success and satisfaction, propelling Beamy towards our next big milestone: one year to reach Serie B.

Working with clients like BNP, Decathlon, LVMH, Vinci, and others offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals, including top-level executives like CIOs, Procurement Officers, DPOs, CISOs, and more. This diversity adds depth to the onboarding experience you'll oversee, providing insight into the needs and expectations of some of the world's most prestigious companies.

🎬 A snapshot of what you will be doing here:

Onboarding Path Mastery: Build onboarding paths for our use cases and personas. Your strategic vision will elevate the user experience from the get-go.

Demo and Product Tour Expertise: Conduct product demos, onboarding calls, and product tours, showcasing the platform's capabilities and ensuring users are fully engaged from the start.

User Satisfaction Champion: Ensure a high level of user satisfaction throughout their usage of our platform, acting as the guardian of their journey.

Platform Best Practices Communicator: Communicate the platform's best practices to our clients, ensuring they are well-equipped to make the most out of our solution.

Customer/Sales Team Enablement: Ensure our Customer and Sales teams are fully enabled on our platform, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed for success.

Onboarding Tools Innovator: Implement onboarding tools that streamline the user experience, making it intuitive and impactful.

Feedback Architect: Collect, structure, and communicate user feedback to the product team, playing a critical role in the platform's evolution and improvement.

🕵 We are seeking individuals who possess:

Prior Experience in the SaaS Industry: You have a background in the SaaS sector, bringing valuable experience and understanding of its dynamics and challenges.

Builder Mindset: Ideally, you come with a builder background. This is a new role, and everything about it is to be established, requiring a proactive and creative approach to development and implementation.

Client-Facing Experience: You must have experience working directly with clients, preferably with large enterprises. This experience should showcase your ability to understand and meet the needs of substantial, complex organizations.

Product-Centric Approach: Your work is heavily influenced by a deep understanding of the product. You are adept at leveraging product knowledge to enhance client onboarding, engagement, and satisfaction.

Language Proficiency: You have a native level of proficiency in French and you are fluent in English. Indeed, more and more of our clients speak English as a first or second language.

❤️ What We Offer:

Compensation: 40K to 45K + stock options 💰

Culture of Transparency: We're an open book when it comes to salaries and the company's financial health, offering clear paths for career progression, all within a positive and empowering atmosphere (think zero micromanagement and high levels of personal ownership).

Impactful Role: Secure a pivotal spot in our team, playing a crucial part in Beamy's rapid growth and global expansion.

Top-Tier Benefits: Enjoy the finest health insurance and meal vouchers (Alan & Swile), alongside 5 weeks of vacation plus additional time off (RTT).

⏳ Hiring Process:

We're keen to learn more about you! Please share your professional background (this could be your resume or LinkedIn profile) along with a brief message explaining why you believe we're the perfect match for each other and what you envision for your future at Beamy.

Rest assured, we'll thoroughly review your application and will definitely get in touch. Looking forward to connecting with you! 🙃

Here's what you can expect next:

A 30-minute introductory call with Leslye, Talent & HR Partner.

A 30-minute video discussion with Elsa, Academy Lead.

A case study to showcase your skills.

A Culture Fit Interview with Leslye to ensure our values align.

An on-site visit to experience our work environment firsthand over lunch.

Research shows that while men apply to jobs where they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women and other underrepresented groups tend to only apply when they meet 100% of the qualifications. At Beamy, we value respectful debate and people who aren't afraid to challenge assumptions, so we are looking for diverse perspectives as long as you meet 70% of the criteria.

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