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Lead - Senior Frontend Developer - Angular (Full Remote from France)

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified


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As a Lead Front-End Developer, you will join one of our Squads for the development of new features for the product.

You will be a member of a large engineering team extended between France (around 40 people), Italy (around 10 people) and Hungary (around 12 people) and a few people in the United States. In this team you collaborate with profiles ranging from PO / PM to SRE, including QA, UX, frontend and backend engineers, etc.

Our stack is based on GCP, Terraform, App Engine, Datastore, BigQuery, Java, Angular / Typescript. Our architecture is mainly based on the REST approach. And we use a little Pub / Sub.

Our product provides sensitive service to our customers. Our requirements for availability and reliability are very high.


This is a Full Remote position in France.

Core responsibilities:

  • Implementing substantial features, fixing bugs

  • Writing technical specifications

  • Proactively proposing code and performance improvements

  • Helping set and maintain a high professional standard

  • Helping create new webapps for our new products

  • Being responsible for the code base, improving it and reviewing it (peer reviews) with the other fronted devel

  • Simplifying the code base

Some examples of what you could work on:

  • Implementing a simplified version of the present webapp

  • Creating reusable frontend components

  • Concluding, with others, the migration to Angular

  • Making the webapp as autonomous as possible from the backend

  • Revamping and simplifying the Ui of our workflow engine

  • Introducing more attractive and powerful Frontend languages to improve our stack and make our offer more attractive to future recruits

  • Speeding up our release cycle

  • Improving the way we track user behavior

Some examples of what we did in the last few months alone:

  • Worked on a new Ui for a specific use case

  • Finished the migration to angular of one the main components of our webapp

  • Introduced mocks to accelerate our development process

  • Entirely refactor our Views, the most used page in our application

  • Started to work with Google on a new webapp to address a specific use case they have

  • Created and deployed several features

Preferred experience

Most of those describe you:

  • You care more about making reliable software used by many than a shiny unstable thing used by no one. You understand that engineering work is done first and foremost for the customers.

  • You care more about making easy to use software that will help users address their preoccupation and solve their problems.

  • You care a lot about performance, understand that speed and responsiveness is a core feature

  • Fully capable of taking substantial features from concept to shipping as the sole programmer

  • You’re a team player


  • Experience: 2-8 years as a professional programmer, at least 3 years as a Frontend developer on SaaS products

  • Cloud: Bonus is an experience with one of the 3 main cloud platforms. Bonus points for GCP and serverless experience

  • Programming languages: you have experience with Javascript, Typescript, Vue Angular or Angular.js.

  • Software engineering tools: you’ve worked with Git and Jira, you’re familiar with front-end build tools. Bonus for: benchmarking, CI/CD and profiling tools

  • Collaboration tools: comfortable with Gmail, Google Docs and Sheets, and Slack

  • Language: English at professional level + French.

  • Writing: you enjoy writing, you care about words and grammar, you are sharp and thorough.

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