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A former business attorney, Emeric took a new direction with his career and became an entrepreneur. In the early 2000s, right after the Internet bubble burst, he realized that a whole new field would be opening up on the Internet: within the near future, we would be creating social relationships online, accessible to everyone. That novel idea of a community platform became what we now know as social media. Through his interest in innovation and conceptualization and his desire to help create the future, Emeric developed Agorapulse along with his co-founder, Benoît. Together they pulled off a major accomplishment in a market dominated primarily by well-funded American competitors. The company grew at a rapid pace and Emeric became its CEO. On a day-to-day level, Emeric keeps things simple and stays accessible: he has an open-space office alongside the rest of the team, he’s part of office life and he loves sharing his ideas at the lunch table. It’s not unusual to see him arrive on his scooter between meetings. When he’s not working, Emeric loves traveling and exploring the world to find the best places to kitesurf.

Yoann attended business school and began his career at web agencies in France and England during the period of the first Internet bubble. After 20 years of experience in digital marketing and business development at the international level, he enjoys the challenges involved more than ever. He’s a recent addition to the Agorapulse team, tasked with expanding the Business Development Europe unit. Yoann is fairly spontaneous but he’s also very much the benevolent observer. He takes a whole-hearted approach to getting his teams working on the same page, to ensure their success and that of the company. Yoann loves traveling and sports and is a CrossFit devotee.

After earning a master’s degree in communications, Kristell joined Emeric and Benoît’s team in December 2009 as Customer Support Manager. Kristell now leads an international team of almost 15 Support Heroes, who together provide unmatched customer support across the globe. Her primary job is to ensure 100% satisfaction among Agorapulse users and to maintain a cohesive, united team of employees, even though they work far apart. When she’s not training and assisting her co-workers, you can find Kristell at We Cantine enjoying a Bo Bun, or you might find her singing Céline Dion’s album D’eux from start to finish!


Back in 2000, Emeric Ernoult and Benoît Hédiard had the cutting-edge idea of creating a community platform where businesses could forge social ties with their customers and brands could share their content. Working in the very early days of social media, in 2010 they developed Agorapulse, an innovative and clever tool for managing social media profiles. As social media evolved and expanded, Agorapulse vaulted to center stage, and today it remains the only self-service social media management tool developed in France and a major force in the international market.

Agorapulse is proud of its international, multicultural team, which is the source of its strength. The French team, which includes some 80 employees, focuses on technical development, customer support, marketing and product development. The rest of the workforce, distributed across the United States, Europe, South America and Asia, supports the company's growth with employees working in marketing, customer support, tech and design. Agorapulse maintains an extremely remote-friendly organization.

Its key values are:

  • Transparency and trust
  • Humility and respect
  • Desire to learn and improve
  • Ambition and enthusiasm
  • Excellence and a passion for a job well done
  • Reliability and independence
  • Teamwork on behalf of a shared project and vision

What they are looking for

Agorapulse is an open-minded company that welcomes atypical career paths. Its employees are creative, independent, entrepreneurial. They're given every opportunity to enhance their skills and develop both professionally and personally. The company maintains a comprehensive, long-term perspective with regard to human resources, always with an eye on employee retention! The team is very multinational, so an excellent command of English is essential in order to make the most of your extensive interaction with your colleagues abroad.

Good to know

The entire team gathers as a group once a year to spend a week together. The various specialized teams also meet on a regular basis in order to work together in person.

They enjoy:

  • Good wine and good restaurants
  • Challenging each other to all types of games (ping-pong is especially popular)
  • Talking about TV series, movies, music – with a special shout out to Star Wars fans
  • Most of all, they enjoy being part of an exceptional team that’s dedicated to an inspiring project.

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