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Jul 11, 2019

Oh My Job is a webseries dedicated to discovering jobs as explained by in-the-field professionals. In this episode, Marie, an office manager, tells us about her job and day-to-day tasks at 5eme Gauche.

As an intermediary between management and employees, an office manager often oversees the well-being and efficiency of each person in the company.


Office managers provide service and assistance. Their assignments can vary: accounting, human resources (receiving resumes, sending and receiving job offers), or overall organization of the workspace (supplies and furniture, monitoring deliveries). Depending on the structure of the company, their functions can differ. In large businesses, office managers often work with managers in providing high-level administrative assistance. Their role is to provide help in legal or accounting tasks that managers cannot do for lack of time or skills. In smaller companies, their duties are more diverse, and they usually assist all of the company employees with administrative and organizational tasks, such as invoicing customers or setting up the office premises.

“Office managers keep an eye on wellbeing and comfort. Not only for managers, because we assist them first and foremost, but also for all the employees in the company. ”

Career path

The position of office manager often requires a two-year diploma or certificate from a business college or secretarial school. France offers small- to medium-size business management training (BTS Gestion de la PME) that provides the necessary skills needed to do the job. In larger structures, advanced diplomas (three to five years of education) can be required for high-responsibility, heavily administrative positions (such as accounting). Past experiences as an administrative assistant or receptionist are also valuable skills in the eyes of recruiters.


Office managers carry out a wide variety of duties, so they are more than likely very organized people who can multi-task. They have a good sense of personal interaction and communication, and they must be available and ready-to-go as requests to help out can come at any moment. Office managers are devoted and know each of the employees so that they can take on a bit of a parental role through the jobs they accomplish for the company.


They are often linked to a manager, and their role is to be the intermediary between upper management and the rest of the teams. They are in direct contact with administrative services, such as Human Resources and Accounting, in order to carry out their supportive functions for these departments in an effective manner.

“There can be a nice shift into chief happiness officer, because since we are in contact with everyone in the company, we create the connection between management and all of the departments. ”

Salary range

In the USA, the average salary is $6,000 per month.

Career growth

Because of the administrative responsibilities (especially in large businesses), good office managers can move into chief administrative officer or administrative and financial manager positions. They can also take on more responsibilities and assume CSR or corporate wellness duties (such as becoming a happiness officer).

“Technically, if you’re a good office manager, you remain an office manager. We become so indispensable that effectively we’re not going to move higher up. Although, we can expand our job. ”

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