Edwards Lifesciences gives you the onboarding experience you deserve

Sep 14, 2021

3 mins

Edwards Lifesciences gives you the onboarding experience you deserve

We’re Edwards Lifesciences, the global leader of patient-focused innovations for structural heart disease and critical care and surgical monitoring. We’re driven by a passion to help our patients and our people. As an employer, we know that starting a new job is one of the biggest decisions you can make. That’s why we’ve designed and developed systems, processes and experiences to ensure our new colleagues are ready from day one. This means you don’t need to worry about anything except doing your best to help patients from the moment that you join us.

To help showcase the thoughtful elements of our onboarding journey, we’ve spoken to three new colleagues about their experience.

The interview

Helping you get ready for day one starts way before day one. At Edwards, we strive to make the interview process as seamless as possible, so you can get real insight into how we treat our colleagues before you become one.

Monika is a Senior Education Specialist who returned to Edwards in 2020 after spending several years working at another company. She was presented with an opportunity here to help on a project dedicated to improving patient care in hospitals but was still undecided if it was the right time to leave her current role. The initial approach and interview experience convinced her that it was time to come back.

“Every aspect was great. It gave me a huge positive signal that I wanted to contribute to this project and in the end made me leave a role that I was satisfied in. Edwards made me feel that working for them could be even better, and it’s true.”

Making day one the dream start

We want you to feel welcome and inspired on your first day – not frustrated spending all day completing administrative work and trying to find your equipment. We take care of everything before you start, whether you’re working at home or in the office.

When Miloš, a Digital Education Manager, was contacted by Edwards recruiter with an appealing job opportunity that satisfied his desire for a new challenge, he went through the entire recruitment process virtually. He was lucky enough to join us when he could go into the office a few days a week. He found that everything was arranged for him before he arrived including all the information he needed, cards to access the office, logins and people to welcome him. His experience outstripped any he’d had at previous roles; “my first day was perfect. I could get straight to learning about the job itself rather than admin.”

We’ll always strive to do what it takes to help you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. Every role is different, and our onboarding reflects that. After getting quickly set up, Miloš was able to visit our Switzerland offices to meet other members of the team and start establishing key relationships he’s still maintaining today.

Going global? No problem.

If you’re thinking about moving to work in our Prague office from abroad, you’re not alone. Our priority is to make sure you have everything you need no matter where you’re relocating from. Lilliana, a Senior Analyst Accountant, recognized the career development opportunity in moving to Prague from Columbia as she would be able to support multiple locations rather than one country.

She successfully interviewed but then needed to go through the complex process of moving to the Czech Republic. We supported her at every step. We provided somewhere for her to stay for two months while she found her footing, helped manage the paperwork and sorted out the visa requirements. She said, “it definitely made my move easier as doing it myself would’ve been hard.”

But onboarding isn’t over on your first day, especially when you’re starting in a new country. For Lilliana, support also came from colleagues; “Adapting is challenging, but Edwards is a global company so I’ve got two colleagues in Prague who are from Brazil.”

Always adapting

What helps people settle in today may well be different tomorrow. That’s why we have a dedicated team reviewing and refining our onboarding process to ensure all new colleagues have exactly what they need to make an impact on patients right away. We have ongoing conversations with many of our new joiners to help find what’s best for them and ensure designing experiences with their needs in mind.

Our company-wide practices also continue to evolve. When Monika rejoined us after five years, she was blown away by the changes. And in another five years, it might look even better again.

Edwards Lifesciences gives you the onboarding experience you deserve