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Career development

We believe that Trustpair should be a place for people to grow and learn.

New joiners have an individual onboarding plan, so they are equipped with all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed from the very beginning. They also benefit from individual coaching sessions with their managers or team leads, so they can build the full range of skills.

We also take great care of long-term professional evolution, with people reviews, career paths designed for everyone, and individual wishes taken into consideration. We have great examples of internal mobility and promotions.

Additionally, we use the latest technology, such as salary benchmarking tools, to ensure that our salary grids stay competitive.

Testimonial from Léa, Operations Manager

Léa, our KYS Operations Manager, first joined Trustpair for a fixed-term contract, during her gap year. She enjoyed the experience so much, that she decided to continue with Trustpair with a work-study contract.

Once she graduated, at just 23, she was offered not only a permanent contract but management of the whole operations team, 10 people already!

Léa is quite a young manager, but she impresses everyone with her maturity and ability to adapt. She is a great example of what a rising star can achieve at Trustpair 😉


Employees have many occasions to grow their skillset whilst working at Trustpair. From on-the-job learning opportunities (coaching sessions, sales academy, etc), Trustpair Academy (internal training sessions), sharing moments with other teams ("vis-ma-vie" programme, cross-team lunch) and external training opportunities, the list goes on!


Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Our annual company-wide seminar organised in a secret location in France

Weekly & monthly All Hands & after works

Cultural and social celebrations (Summer party, Xmas...)

Team-building and off-site sessions through the year