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TiHive believes that every person has the right to a high quality of living. This is why TiHive puts its high-tech innovations to help the world produce products with positive- impact and friendly to the environment. TiHive is building the coolest technology that sees and understands the invisible.

The TiHive team has invented a better version of the superman vision and augmented it with brains of R2-D2. It is called T-Rays to see the invisible safely (unlike X-Rays), and AI to understand it ;-).

TiHive's high-tech recipe seems to be sci-fi, but it is super real and easy to use! They use it to help industries reduce waste and produce better quality products. TiHive is a European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator champion.

They have been financed by the EU commission by this highly selective programme to grow our team, industrialize our product, and deploy it across the world. This programme will help the TiHive team become a world leader in quality control and industrial vision.

What they are looking for

We have big challenges ahead of us and our roadmap requires that we grow our team with talented people eager to engage in group work to make our vision come true. Our hardware team is working on an industrial version of our Terahertz camera system. Our software team is building our cloud service and boosting our machine- learning and signal processing capabilities.

Our Business team is developing and managing our customer portfolio by better understanding their needs all the way to satisfying them.

Joins us - become a TiHiver. As a TiHiver you will be part of our ambitious story, you will be part of a team that designs sensors, electronics, optics, firmware, image processing, AI and machine-learning, marketing, sales, customer support, and many other cool things.

Good to know

TiHive is all about see-through cameras, super AI Algorithms, and lots of croissants. You will go with us for drinks at La Belle Electrique, the Think-Drink every Thursday afternoon at our Tarmac incubator, and work in a cool and flexible environment. TiHive is multicultural, with more than 6 nationalities, 11 languages, and many funny accents. Every day they learn something new, so they are excited to learn from you too. By the way, they are moving offices during the summer time. They will be in brand new offices in a very dynamic zone of the Grenoble city centre.

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