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Past and future

Their story

Their story

TiHive as born in 2017, and thus far has grown to 24 people coming from all around the world and speaking so many languages!

We decided to create TiHive in Grenoble since it is the heart of innovation in France and Europe.

TiHive has gone through several phases of developments, and has been grandly accelerated since 2020 after we have received the EIC accelerator financing from the europpean commission (check out this video). This funding allowed us to recruit our team, develop our quality inspection solution, and deploy it with early adopters.

We have customers in several countries in Europe and Northern America.

We are entering our Scale-Up phase now, and our objective is to deploy our solution with 100s of actors around the world.


Funding Bourse French Tech, iLab, Reseau Entreprendre, EasyTech


BPI France funding Deep Tech development aid of €1.8M


EIC Accelerator grant of €8.6M


More than 50 Million products inspected by our customers with TiHive products

Their vision

TiHive's vision is to empower people to build quality products that transform our lives and respect Earth’s resources by making the best industrial monitoring solutions.

Their vision

Company values

TiHive envisions a world where every person can realize their dreams while making the world a beautiful place to live. Our vision is to equip industry with the best control solutions to build quality products that transform our lives and respect the earth's resources. Our mission is to make quality and resource management accessible to everyone to help them produce products that have a positive impact on our lives. We do this by creating easy-to-use and powerful hardware and software sensing and imaging solutions.

Passion 🧑🏻💼

We are passionate about making the world a better place

Technological and scientific mastery 👩🏼💼

allows us to create simple and effective solutions.

The quest for excellence 👨🏽💼

guides us in the development of our solutions

Learning and sharing 👩🏻💼

our findings inspire us