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Our technology team covers our innovations in electronics, microelectronics, semiconductors, telecommunications, software, high performance computing, artificial intelligence, optics, imaging, materials science, quality inspection, instrumentation, among other disciplines.

Beyond technology, we have expertise in entrepreneurship, business, product development and user experience, finance, marketing and negotiations.

Employee breakdown

  • Product Development


  • R&D, Data & AI


  • Sales and Customer Support


  • Administration and Support Functions


Management & Product Development

The Product Management team has the mission to develop the best solutions to increase the value delivered to our customers. We believe that the best products are also those that offer the best user experience through intuitive and user-friendly design.

Our solutions are aimed at making users' daily work easier. At TiHive, we adopt the concept of "Job-To-Be-Done" to define our products. This is a very simple method that consists of defining and deploying the features of our product in an iterative way. To do this, the Hardware, Software and Product Management teams work hand in hand on a "sprint" basis.

TiHive's offering is a combination of hardware and software features. The hardware team designs the TiHive semiconductor chips, electronics, firmware, optics, mechanics and connectivity. Our software team designs the backend and frontend (edge computing), analysis and data management in the cloud, as well as the graphical user interfaces.

I chose TiHive for my work placement because the company's philosophy suits me perfectly: everyone is motivated to progress both in their field of expertise and in other scientific disciplines.


At TiHive is important that the product that we create brings value to the user. I care about user research, so research about their needs, motivations, workflow and routines, and that these insights are then used in the design of our product.

Nine Sellier

It is for me listening to people in order to be able to communicate easily; and on a more professional scale, I interpret it as acknowledging the challenges, issues and problematics of my job in order to tackle it in the best possible way!

Jihad Taouil

In a single production line, hundreds of samples are inspected every minute. Do you like technical challenges? Then come and help our team analyse this data in real time in our Edge

Yves Marx

R&D, Data and AI

At the heart of the innovations we incorporate into our products is the contribution of the R&D team.

Our goal is to maintain our competitive edge by continually pushing the boundaries of technology and the state of the art. This is why our R&D team is constantly innovating in Terahertz generation and detection, chip design, artificial intelligence and image processing, among others.

Our solution generates large amounts of data. The data analysis team detects and qualifies value-creating opportunities within these databases.

Our experts then extract this meaningful data and combine it with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess key production parameters in real time. For example, we look for opportunities to reduce waste and improve productivity on production lines.

What I like about TiHive is that we are a truly multicultural company ... We help each other to understand, appreciate and cultivate this diversity.

Jayanth Channagiri

We believe that technology has no other purpose than to solve customers' problems

Clement Jany

The best part of TiHive is its people. We have the perfect combination of dreamers and doers. We are both multicultural and multi disciplinary team who love what they do and have fun while we do it.

Prakhar Amba

Sales and Customer Relations

Selling the best products is all about building trust with the customer. That's why the main missions of our Sales and Customer Relations team are to learn, understand and deliver TiHive solutions that are perfectly suited to our customers' needs.

One of our objectives is to maximise the value created and perceived by our customers. We support them with pragmatic and simple actions that produce high value results.

Never miss an opportunity to have a good conversation...

Jeremy Touffut

TiHive has a strong ambition to contribute positively to the world. This strong will encourages us to give the best of ourselves

Elisa Bandello

Management is a natural reflection of the company's values and culture. People are at the heart of TiHive.

Marc Stoerr

Administration and Support Functions

The TiHive project is anchored on innovation, simple solutions to complex problems and customer satisfaction. For this to happen, our employees must feel comfortable and fulfilled in their work environment.

The administrative team and support functions play a key role in this by ensuring an environment that is conducive to the well-being of employees while stimulating innovation and productivity. The team takes care of the TiHivers, organises internal events, 'greening', but also the recruitment of top talent as well as 'integrating' new TiHivers into our corporate culture!

Of course, the administrative team is also in direct contact with the financial management, accounting and legal teams to ensure the smooth running of our operations.

I chose TiHive for its values of collaboration, team spirit, well-being and support.

Charline Vigneron

At TiHive, we believe that technology should be a lever to improve people's lives. We do this by helping manufacturers produce more efficiently and with less waste.

Carlos Prada