FinTech/InsurTech, Mobilné aplikácie, Umelá inteligencia / Machine Learning

Paris, Barcelona, New York

Company values

  • Never Stop Learning

At Joko, we are convinced that whatever your seniority, your role, and how long you've been in the company, there will always be things you can learn and teach. We consider that a day during which you didn't learn anything is a bad day, regardless of meeting your targets.

  • Set The Bar High

We set the bar high for ourselves and others in everything we do. Good is not enough. We set ambitious goals. We go the extra mile. We lead by example. We believe that anything can be achieved through hard work. And so we work hard with passion every day because we are committed to making everyone's life more rewarding.

  • Get Things Done

We believe that achieving extraordinary things requires extraordinary focus and efficiency. We focus on impact. We make decisions quickly and implement solutions quickly as well. We plan when we can.

  • Care For Others

At Joko, we deeply care about our team and about all our stakeholders. We want to make everyone's life more rewarding. This mission applies to our users, our team, our partners, to anyone.

  • Make It Fun

At Joko, we believe that fun should be taken very seriously. It's not about having fun outside of work - we have a lot - it's about making work fun. We believe that a day spent at work without a smile or a joke is a bad day.