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Yacine is the co-founder & CEO of Wisear. After graduating from ESSEC Business School (Paris) and scaling a few AI-based products from 0 to $100 million as a Product Manager at Criteo in San Francisco, he decided to apply all his learnings to Wisear that he co-founded with Alain in 2019. Passionate about tech and driven by the desire to build tomorrow’s technologies, he quickly realized that our current interaction with the digital world was still limiting our potential. Yacine is the business face of the company and is determined to make sure that Wisear high-speed, private & inclusive neural interface becomes the new standard in our everyday lives.

Alain is the co-founder & CTO of Wisear. After graduating with a Master in Neurotechnology from the Imperial College in London and a Bachelor in Computer Sciences from Supélec, he worked for 5 years at Criteo in Paris & San Francisco where he led a team of Data Scientists. After successfully developing some of the now most used assets at Criteo with Yacine, he realized he wanted to use his expertise for the greater good. Alain has always loved cracking extremely complicated problems and, leading the team of engineers & scientists at Wisear, he’s already pushed the boundaries of miniaturization & optimization of neural interfaces to enable people to get high-speed, private & inclusive control over the digital world.

Claire joined Wisear as a Data Scientist in April 2021 for her end of studies internship for Ecole Centrale de Lyon. During her studies, she always had an affinity for programming and discovered the world of Data Science and Deep Learning through several internships. She is always excited to learn new things and as a result now works on Embedded Software Engineering projects along with Data Science projects. She was very interested in Wisear’s tech and she decided to take part in the adventure.


  • Our Story:

Wisear is a DeepTech company that is committed to building the future of human-computer interface with neural interface. We believe that the way we interact with technology can be more intuitive, more private, and more accessible. Our goal is to make technology a natural extension of ourselves, empowering people to do more and be more.

We are proud to announce that we have secured significant funding, enabling us to take our vision to the next level. With this support, we have successfully built our first prototype equipped with neural-interface technology, which has received widespread recognition and accolades, including being named the CES '23 Best of Innovation Honoree and receiving the AcCESsability Award.

  • Our Vision

Over the past 30 years, we have expanded our human capabilities through digitalization.  This has made us more productive but our interfaces to interact with them haven’t kept up. Keyboards and mice, 30 years old inventions, have remained the standard & voice is still slow & not private.

With wearables becoming universal (e.g.: earphones, smart watches…) and the advent of AR/VR, our digital capabilities are poised to expand even faster and be even more integrated in our daily lives. We need to rethink how we interface with the digital world.

This is the problem we are solving at Wisear. We build the next-generation of human-machine interface. We record and analyze bioelectrical activity coming from the user's eyes (ElectroOculography), facial muscle (ElectroMyography) & brain (ElectroEncephalography) to transform it into high-speed, hands-free, silent & accessible controls.

What they are looking for

  • You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we’re looking for someone with a strong sense of product. Wisear is a Deeptech company that sells complex products. A taste for challenge and tech is a must have.
  • You are exceptionally persistent. One of the key elements to a successful deal is the ability to never give up whether it is on cracking unsolved tech problem or closing a deal.
  • You are a careful listener. You are able to understand your interlocutor point of view & adapt your speech accordingly.
  • You are able to plan as well as you execute. Devil’s in the details.

Considering that the company is at a rather early stage, each team member will have a strong impact on the project. We are looking for a teammate who demonstrates drive and autonomy, and shares our genuine curiosity and strong interest for this marvelous topic that is understanding the brain!

Good to know

  • Ethics: We won’t go after all possible use cases our technology could enable (e.g. no big brother, no advertising purpose) and we will carefully review who has access to our technology (e.g.: Wisear equipped products shouldn’t be sold to unethical group or organization)
  • Privacy: The user should always be the master of his/her data, we won’t share her/his data with third parties without consent
  • Science-first: We are not building yet another gadget, our claims will need to be scientifically proven
  • Environment: We care about our carbon footprint and we work towards improving it
  • Inclusivity: We believe that our company, our relationship with our customers and the world in general benefit from employees, leaders and people showing empathy
  • Transparency: We believe in transparency as the default behavior

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