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Company Introduction

Originally a small start-up, the Vendavo company is now the main solution provider of price management and optimization to companies all over the world. The company headquarters are located in Denver, and they have three branches in the Czech Republic – Prague, Ostrava, and Hradec Králové. The Czech branches focus on product development for the largest clients, such as Ford, Siemens, or Dell. In Vendavo, they emphasize an innovative approach to problem-solving, where each individual has the opportunity to contribute with their ideas to the development of the product and, as a result, the entire company.

Who Are They Looking for

The company primarily offers job opportunities to Java developers with experience encompassing other programming languages, operating systems, and databases. They should be well-versed in their field, no strangers to terms like Spring, AWS, PostgreSQL, Docker, or Kafka, and looking for flexible working hours and friendly company culture. However, the company also gives the opportunity to young people who wish to gain some experience. Vendavo offers internships and supervision of graduate theses to students in technical fields. Even though there are only three offices in the Czech Republic, the company recruits outside these places as well. Since Vendavo makes it possible for the employees to work at least partially from home, skillful developers can work from practically anywhere.

Good to Know

Vendavo makes sure that the employees have plenty of opportunities to learn. Everyone can, after talking with their supervisor, attend a conference or training corresponding to their professional focus and interests. Once a year, they organize the “Innovation Week” with the participation of various teams across the entire company. During this week, the engineers work on new products or technical innovations from which the best projects are selected and implemented. Since working in Vendavo requires communicating in English, the company offers language courses with the option to attend lessons even during the working hours. The company is conscious of its social responsibility and offers its employees up to two days off per year for charitable activities.

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