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We are a tech company with a deep business purpose. This means that tech and business work hand-in-hand, rather than in isolation.

Our tech team is made of software and devops engineers who share a passion for software architecture, API design, scalability, and security.

We are building our business team, starting with business and marketing leads, to reach €1M ARR.

Across the team, we value and strive for:

  • Integrity
  • Ownership
  • Pragmatism
  • Continuous improvement

Distribution of employees

  • Tech


  • Business Profiles (Sales; Marketing; People)



Our tech team is made of backend software engineers, frontend software engineers, and devops engineers responsible for building the most modern, reliable, and secure payment automation platform of the market. They have a passion for software architecture, API design, scalability, and security.

We apply lean and agile principles, test-driven development, behavior-driven development, and domain-driven development around an hexagonal architecture.

Driven by mastery and appetite for continuous improvement, we are eager to learn and share knowledge. We strive for software craftsmanship and good practices, such as clean code, peer programming, and code reviews.

Our stack is built around:

  • Go, Kafka, and PostgreSQL
  • TypeScript and React
  • AWS (EC2, S3, ECS, RDS, HSM...)

  • CircleCI, Docker, GitHub, and Datadog

I joined Numeral to work on a great product, software architecture, and tech stack. I really like that Numeral allows me to work remotely I am working remotely from my home city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

Cristina, Software Engineer


Our product management team is responsible for building our market knowledge, product strategy, and product roadmap as well as specify and deliver features with our tech team. They have an insatiable appetite for market and customer insights as well as an obsession for well-designed APIs and UIs.

I joined Numeral to work on the full life cycle of a product, from discovery to roadmap to delivery.

Nina, Product manager


At Numeral, we are really driven by our mission. When we say that we unlock business innovation through payment automation, we really mean it. We are building the platform that is used by some of the most innovative tech companies to build scalable payment operations and delightful payment experiences.

Edouard, CEO

At Numeral, we are making tech and business work hand in hand. Our tech team is business-oriented and our business team is tech-oriented. We are all working towards our mission.

Ichem, CTO

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