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A clinical psychologist with a MBA… how awkward! 7 years with Baxter facing major business transformation change his perspective and trigger his passion for change: Vivendi Universal, Gucci Group turn him into a globe trotter, with Disney he learns about client centricity. He also feels privileged to have managed the merger between ANPE and ASSEDIC from a human perspective to create Pole Emploi.

At Synerlab, he is proposing a modern and consensual Human Richness philosophy, caring for the people with one obsession: clients… internal, external or shareholder.

Joël started as a blue collar. After 2 years, he realized he expected a different career and went back to school to graduate as an Industrial Buyer. 10 years in the automotive industry in Europe where he ran commodities as well as Projects. New joiner in the Pharma industry and very popular within Synerlab where he plays an active role in non invasive cost cutting.

After 5 years with Novartis Pharma where Alex benefits from the demanding German/Swiss quality expectation, Alexandra switches gear and mindset to join a CDMO. A complete client focus, Alex is described as a captain managing transversal teams in scientific development, product innovation and production with one goal as an obsession : customer satisfaction!

As an apprentice with Sanofi, she confirmed her interest in company management. Lyde started her career in Marcy l’Etoile as a controller for one year but… as a typical Millenial she felt there was more to life and wanted to live her passion for Sports through a sabbatical to take part in the world championship in… longboard in 2018!

She is perfectly fit and for over a year now, totally happy working for Lyofal as a controller while enjoying her Longboard addiction around the globe.

With a blended educational background Technical and Health and safety, Emilie makes a successful start in the industry. With Sappel, she is confronted with tough legal constraints (under pressure equipment, explosive atmosphere). She has been with Pharmaster for 15 years to the satisfaction of everyone (it was the right choice). Never thought about sticking her head out, so diverse her tasks are: she grew her skillset following the growth of Pharmaster and added to her Health and Safety hat that of learning and development.

Fred was a geek before the word existed. Precocious teenager who quickly moved from Plastics to Pharma. A specialist of robotics/automatics, he thrives in transforming and modernising sites as a project manager. He is a Lean Guru and a Black belt (beware ☺). Double profile: Technical and operational excellence director at Synerlab.

Juliana landed in France in 2016, a new start for this South American grad in International Affairs who now brings to the cold Eastern France not only her talent but also her joyful dynamism. With Juliana, professional procurement sounds Spanish at Synerlab.

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A gold nugget to globally grow with their clients

Synerlab is an European leader in developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products focused on collaborating with Pharma players in developing, producing and packaging drugs.

With a strong belonging to Alsace, the French region where it was born, the Group is recognized for its human and corporate values with a strong emphasis over entrepreneurship, collaboration and operational excellence. Their 1200 employees are proud to be role playing these values on a daily basis.

Small is beautiful but also allows flexibility and adaptation to their 7 sites, each anchored in their local culture yet economically ambitious whether in Strasbourg (Alsace), Dreux and Orléans (Greater Paris), Provence (Salon de Provence) but also Madrid as a capital city in Spain.

A unique philosophy for unique employees!

Synerlab blend the culture of a startup environment with that of a fast growing industrial player in a demanding market. Unheard of in an industry where this approach promotes Talent and encourages each and everyone to voice their passion in improving health of our patients. A flat hierarchy and an open management builds trust and open relations for everyone and fosters people engagement in satisfying their clients.

This culture together with their dedication to operational excellence based on the Hoshin Kanri method guarantees the permanent focus of their resources to walk the extra mile in reaching ambitious goals in a flexible and performing manner.

What they are looking for

At Synerlab, they are looking for people with a passion for healthcare and more than anything a dedication for patients’ well-being. No question about purpose… it goes without saying.

They are also looking for personalities with a thorough interest in the manufacturing world and who see the opportunity to work in such an environment as a 21st century collaborative experience.

Ethics and humanity, creativity and entrepreneurship, rigor and a sense of effort are the key to success at Synerlab.

Good to know

  • Forget about Paris being the centre of the world
  • Look good with a protective cap
  • Prefer Strudels and pains au chocolat to diets
  • Passionately be oneself
  • Have an incredible sense of humor

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