Echo Analytics

Echo Analytics

Big Data, Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning



Founded in 2021, Echo's narrative is one of relentless growth, ambition, and promise.  A cutting-edge startup at the forefront of Geospatial Data and Gen AI technologies, they have skyrocketed from 0 to 65+ employees in just two years!

Specialists in the location intelligence industry, Echo Analytics empowers innovation by helping companies better understand the world around them.

What makes them tick?

In a world inundated with data, quality is crucial. Echo uses data science, machine learning, and human feedback to build Europe's most comprehensive, high-quality datasets, enriched with differentiating attributes that outmaneuver the competition.

They partner with a spectrum of industries, from retail and mobility to smart cities, real estate, advertising, market research, and financial services. At Echo, the possibilities are truly endless.

They aren’t just about reliable data (read: unmatched quality) though.

Life at Echo is about individual growth, collective ambition, and a culture that values and celebrates diversity.

  • With a "people first" philosophy guiding everything they do.

You'll be at the heart of innovation, tackling projects that shape our future, with the best people possible! 😁

What they are looking for

Echo Analytics is looking for team members who resonate deeply with their vision and strong culture. 

They are in constant pursuit of individuals eager to nurture their unique talents while making a tangible contribution to Echo’s collective vision.

At Echo, ownership, innovation, and teamwork are paramount. It is what differentiates them, providing the stimulant for building the Echo of tomorrow.

Aiming to be a data leader in Europe and the United States, they are seeking people dedicated to reaching their potentials while collectively contributing to shaping the future of global data innovation.

Good to know

  • Offices in the heart of Paris, with a great rooftop to enjoy a 360 view
  • They have an internal Event Committee organizing monthly gatherings
  • With 30 different nationalities, English is their official language
  • Complimentory coffee, tea, and snacks on top of their lunch vouchers (Swile)
  • A hybrid remote policy with up to 2 days of remote per week

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