Selección de personal, Televisión/Producción audiovisual


Organization and methodologies

Welcome to OCUS – Our teams are thoughtfully structured, fostering collaboration and innovation. During your onboarding program, you'll have the opportunity to interact with various teams, including our founders, gaining insights into our vision and culture. 

Whether you're deepening your knowledge of Photography and Video during Studio team introductory days or participating in our quarterly events, like 'Inspiring meetings' and live cooking sessions, you'll feel a part of our vibrant community. 

At OCUS, we challenge you daily to operate at your best, aligning your skills and interests with the needs of our dynamic company. 

Join us, and be part of a journey that's as inspiring as it is innovative.

Recruitment process

  • First, a screening call with our hiring manager
  • Then a business case or technical assignment that will take no more than three hours to complete. Once you've submitted your work, we'll provide you with feedback during a team review
  • If we like what we hear, time for the reference check
  • finally, you'll be invited to a culture-fit interview and meet our nerdy AND sweet CEO before extending a (great) offer ;)