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Founded in 2016, OCUS produces high-quality, custom visual content at scale for international brands. To do so, they rely on a global community of over 20,000 highly-qualified photographers and image creators. Product-driven, they use state of the art tech to make the whole process seamless both for brands and image creators.

Today, they deliver 4000 photoshootings each week in 120+ countries, for customers such as UberEats, Grubhub, Radisson, Booking.com. By investing constantly in R&D and new technologies, they make intelligent content that reaches the right audience at the right time. They have closed a 20M€/$24M investment in March 2021 to further invest in product development and engineering while expanding its market presence worldwide.

Four years ago, they were three people sitting at one desk. Today, the team is made of 100 passionate people from 20 nationalities, working from Paris, New York, Singapore.

What they are looking for

As a fast-growing, diverse team where engineers and creative profiles make for a wonderful combination, they’re looking for people who:

  • want to contribute to an exciting project that contributes to bringing the best of technology and creativity together

  • will be excited by their fast paced growth, international challenges and the team’s amazing friendliness

  • want to have a vertical learning curve through extreme ownership on their scope

  • share and receive feedback transparently and open-mindedly

  • bring a lot of care and ownership in what they do; put the projects and teams’interests at the forefront of their interests

  • collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • bring their good vibes and favorite playlists to one of our afterworks and team building (real-life or zoom ;))

Good to know

By joining the team you will :

  • start discovering OCUS vision and culture during your Onboarding weeks

  • learn everything about photography and video during one of their training days with the Studio team

  • have fun during one of the events we cook for you every quarter, from Inspiring meetings to live-cooking events

  • benefit from their flexible remote work policy, suited to your own context

  • get to meet with their office dog Pocus!

  • get challenged every day to produce your best work and find the best fit between your abilities, interests and OCUS needs

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