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Welcome to the Jungle

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Paris, Prague


Welcome to the Jungle's mission is simple: to give work a more sustainable place in our lives. We do this by making the world of work truly exciting with innovative solutions that allow companies to develop their employer brand and strengthen their appeal.

We also create inspiring content that gives workers and companies the keys to redefining how people work. Today, over 5,500 companies from various industries take people backstage on Welcome to the Jungle, using exclusive content, team photos, employee interviews, and key figures. Our goal is to allow companies to show up with complete transparency so candidates can more accurately choose the right workplace for them.

Nearly two million unique visitors access our site monthly to explore companies, apply for jobs, and engage in our media and content. We have 1.7 million followers across our social media platforms.

What they are looking for

From the start of our journey, we wanted to create a multidisciplinary team with varied profiles, and this is what makes us as strong as we are today. The diversity of our team allows us to have a unique work environment where salespeople, communicators, journalists, and developers collaborate. We are all driven by the same mission: to change the world of work at its core. This challenge is exciting and provides lots of learning opportunities, but it's also ambitious. We are not looking for a standard profile; we seek people eager to contribute to the growth of Welcome to the Jungle, make their impact everyday, and feel empowered.

Good to know

Welcome to the Jungle prioritizes the well-being of our teams. We are committed to several approaches that help us do this, such as the four-day workweek, remote work, or parental leave benefits. Check out our Culture tab to learn more about what we offer employees.

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