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AXA Climate

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Discover their culture in video!

Discover their culture in video!

AXA Climate - A living company

Past and future

Their story

Their story

AXA Climate was created in 2019 with the clear intention of putting climate, and then environment, at the center and developing a whole range of services - training, consulting, insurance, financing - to enable businesses to adapt to these major social challenges. 

Neither pyramidal nor flat, our organisation is "organic": each person can connect to what motivates him or her most and align it with the company's purpose. Individual responsibility combined with autonomy and freedom is our credo. Speed, adaptability and a constant search for impact are key elements of our identity.


employees onboarded in our Climate School


vulnerable people protected through Public Sector


farmers protected in their ecological commitment​


Sites assessed for climate change impact (2030/50)

+ 400 Executives

engaged in Climate Change


corporates being paid (insurance) a few hours after the event

Their vision

Our challenge is to have concrete impact! Over the past three years, we have achieved great outcomes - we have committed employees, satisfied clients and successful collaborations with partners! The challenge now is to translate all this into concrete impact indicators, for the living world, nature, communities. We therefore need to open up more, integrate ecosystems, form partnerships with similar-minded and motivated individuals and make sure that impact measurement guides each of our decisions and actions.

Their vision

Company values

To solve the climate and environmental crisis, we are convinced that companies must change their paradigm and adopt a holistic and regenerative view of life in all its manifestations, human, social and biological. Natural and living entities (soils, oceans, materials, communities, individuals...) are indeed part of the same "whole" as companies. They should not be considered as externalities, but as a living, interconnected and synergistic ecosystem.

Each living entity, from the coral to the mangrove, from the bee to the cheetah, from the employee to the company, has a purpose.

  • A company's purpose is to contribute to a desirable future that does not yet exist
  • The purpose of a team-member is to become a creative source of meaningful contributions
  • The Earth's purpose is to continue to develop life in all its forms, despite human activities

We want to resonate with the individual purpose of our team-members. In order to truly unfold, individual energy cannot be only triggered externally (by a title, a salary, an objective, etc.), but must start from within, from the purpose of each individual. The more it resonates with the company's purpose, the more energy will flow and the greater the impact.

This purpose emerges naturally from the three years we've been working on it, since the launch of AXA Climate. From the start, we have organised ourselves as a living entity, in such a way as to encourage the maximum circulation of energy: organic and continuous adaptation to strong or weak signals, small autonomous teams with their own purpose, shared objectives, transparent and co-constructed collective rituals, remuneration linked to the growth of each person's skills, a willingness to "give" to our clients, an attention to the outcome, not the output - in short, a permanent desire for subsidiarity, for individual freedom and for transmission to others.

Their values