AXA Climate

AXA Climate

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Advantage 1 🌟

1000m² brand new offices in the center of Paris (Paris 9e, métro Grands Boulevards)

Advantage 2 🌟

Regular exciting team events

Advantage 3 🌟

Flexible remote-working policy

Advantage 4 🌟

Personal credit (3.000€ / year) for training & upskilling on the competencies of your choice

Advantage 5 🌟

28 days paid leave + 16/18 RTT according to calendar

Advantage 6 🌟

Maternity leave of 20 weeks instead of 16

Career development

Our strong belief is that if each team member grows, AXA Climate grows. We put therefore a strong focus on personal & professional development with a training budget of 3000 euros / person / year.

We follow the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method and review our strategy and the expected outcomes of our business units every four months. This means that there is an opportunity for everyone to take on new and exciting missions.

Testimonial from Alice, Financing

At the beginning of 2021, I needed a new impetus in the company after having spent two great years there. I was able to benefit from personal development coaching to reconnect my values to my role at AXA Climate. In parallel, I chose to explore the theme of soil health and regenerative agriculture. Love at first sight! With an entrepreneurial approach and a lot of freedom, I was able to propose a new positioning for AXA Climate on the financing of the transition to this type of agriculture. 6 months later, we are about to launch this new business!

"AXA Climate is a living organism that each member of the team can shape. There is still a lot to be written on climate and environmental issues, and new businesses will emerge, that's for sure. Everyone can play a part in this!"


Helping each team member to grow is key in our culture which we do through:

  • Collective training on Leadership, Product, Sales, Positive psychology, theater improvisation course,...
  • Monthly co-development sessions between peers to progress on the same skills
  • Coaching 
  • Mentoring
  • MOOCs: Linked in Learning and Mindvalley. We have also set up weekly feed-back sessions to exchange between peers and every two weeks we have experts speaking at our "Together" weekly session.

Work life

AXA Climate
AXA Climate
Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Our culture advocates collective intelligence. Our 10 key rituals are defined in this sense: more intelligence, more freedom, more autonomy! They are split in 3 categories: CONNECT, GROW, PERFORM : 


  • Together : weekly session to share information across all Team-Members. We also organize three seminars per year and fortnightly “free drinks”.
  • Coffees : ad-hoc session to share knowledge on specific topic.
  • Onboarding : to accelerate integration of new comers.


  • Recruitment : to hire best-in-class people through shared assessments of different key strengths.
  • Feed-Back : weekly by pairs and twice per year more globally.
  • Skills developments with a budget of 3000 euros/person/year.


  • "Good 3 Years" to define our 3- year strategic plan
  • "Good 1 Year" to define our 1-year strategic plan
  • "Good Quarter" to define our Key results every 4 months
  • "SpeedBoat board" to validate our strategy with external experts