Inteligencia artificial/Aprendizaje automático, Macrodatos

Lyon, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Paris


At 365Talents, we believe there is power in how we choose to describe ourselves.

That’s why our AI-driven decentralized talent experience platform gives employees the power to self-declare skills in their own words, on their own terms — giving managers the vision to uncover the unexpected, so organizations can move quickly and purposefully toward the future.

With 365Talents, companies including Allianz, EY, Schlumberger and Societe Generale are embracing a uniquely employee-centric approach to talent mobility and skill development to create a more democratic, inclusive and future-ready world of work.

What they are looking for

After pioneering a skills-focused, employee-first approach to talent management in France, 365Talents is expanding internationally across Europe and North America.

To spread our mission to help companies change how people feel about their progress at work, we’re looking for enthusiastic, versatile and motivated individuals – gems, as we like to call them.

Beyond the skills relevant to each individual role, 365Talents is looking for people who share our corporate values: Responsibility : We are proactive owners of our work. Transparency : We don’t hide information, either internally or externally to clients. Humility : We put the team and the product first, self-promotion and individualism are not welcomed. Positivity : We seek to bring a relaxed and unwaveringly understanding approach to work every day. Ethics : We promote a vision and a product that is respectful of and beneficial for everyone.

We’re growing on both the product side (Development, AI and Design/UX teams) as well as the business side (Customer Success, Marketing and Business Development/Sales teams).

We believe everyone has many facets and hidden talents to reveal: Be the next hidden gem we uncover :)

Good to know

What characterizes our 365Talents gems:

  • Leading expertise in talent experience and artificial intelligence as well as champagne sabring!
  • Daily kindness: We practice a “culture of failure” and spirit of support.
  • A "food is life" philosophy — snack time is the best part of the day!
  • Digital-native love languages: Having your own emoticon is a sign of eternal gratitude.

What makes 365Talents unique:

  • Our destiny is self-determined: We know that when people have the freedom to define who they are at work, great things can happen. We shape our future together and hold ourselves accountable.
  • We’re stewards of skills: Skills can help you grow, win, collaborate — or even take on a new course that you never knew was possible. We take on this stewardship of organizations skills with great humility and responsibility.
  • We are guided by our moral compass: We are continually developing our AI to our shared ethical standards. Ensuring that people can be seen in their own words, on their own terms.
  • Hidden gems are worth finding: The people that make things possible, the AI that shows you the unexpected, the skill that unlocks your next step. We’re positive about the road ahead because we recognize the hidden gems along the way

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