Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher

Cosmetics, E-commerce, Selective Distribution

Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Fr - France, Fr - France - Rennes, Issy Les Moulineaux, Marrakech, Milan, Rennes, San Fernando De Henares, Stuttgart, Tournai, Warsaw

Alexandra started her career at Groupe Rocher two years ago as an intern. She is now in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Group.

Her mains responsabilities is to work with experts and make CSR at the heart of the Group strategy. She is currently working on B-Corp Certification 2025, a very challenging project.

What she likes the most in her job is to onboard all the teams towards change for a better future. Being part of a mission driven company with strong DNA and values make her very committed and proud.

Eric career path at Groupe Rocher started 20 years ago. He is currently working in the Skin Application Laboratory. His mission is to propose microscopy tools throughout cosmetic development.

He applied at Yves Rocher because of the Group’s own research laboratories which involve 180 scientists in 20 different laboratories.

What he likes the most at Yves Rocher is to constantly learn, create, communicate and work in a good atmosphere !

Originally from Poland, Aleksandra started her career at Yves Rocher 5 years ago, as an intern. She is now CRM Campaign manager for the French Market.

Her job is to create personalized online and offline experiences that place the customers at the center of the Yves Rocher Brand. In a few days she will have a new mission and she will work with the CRM Central Team.

Her new scope will be very challenging and international. And actually, that’s what Aleksandra likes the most, developing her digital skills and feeling to belong to a strong and multicultural community !

This is in the french Marketing team that Jimmy joined the Yves Rocher brand, almost 5 years ago.

He is now in charge of product management in the international Marketing team. He has to demonstrate strategic, creative and conceptual skills to create and launch the products of tomorrow.

Jimmy's dedication comes from the love he has for the brand and for the products. He is very proud to work for a committed and respectful company. Also, working in a team with happy people make him motivated constantly.

Jessica’ path at Yves Rocher started 8 years ago in laboratories, working for personal care and skincare.

2 years ago, she was promoted as a project manager in the formula innovation team. With her team, she has to create formulas for new cosmetics with excellent sensoriality, naturalness, and efficiency.

What she motivates her the most in her job is to get new challenges ! She loves making new discoveries. For that, she has to be very creative and curious to think about a new concept and launch the project.

The most important challenge she has to overcome is the concretisation of botanical and clean beauty in the formulations.

Victor’s career path began 5 years ago in the Group. Originally from Spain, he started as an intern for Stanhome Brand in France, where he developped his digital skills. Thanks to the mobility policy, he had the chance to join the Yves Rocher brand last year as a Customer Experience Project Manager.

Victor is responsible of the customer experience that means he has to ensure the best satisfaction and positive experience to all the customers. He is working within the social selling unit, using social media to interact directly with the customers.

Because he has the chance to work with many countries, his scope is very challenging and international. And actually, that’s what Victor likes the most, evolving in a multicural environment !

With a communication background, Widad has entered the digital world through PR and brand communication.

Now she is responsible for the expansion of brand awareness and the development of a loyal audience in Yves Rocher Morocco, with social media strategy and contents crafting.

Widad's enthusiasm comes from the passion she has for a committed brand towards nature and women. This helps her reach a bigger and more loyal audience online.

Jan's career path began in his home country : South Africa, with diverse data positions in the credit and retail industries.

Coming to France for another Master of Science, he arrived at Yves Rocher as an intern and is now a permanent member of the team!

Based in Rennes with all Yves Rocher France teams, he works on developing models and creating insight to make sure customer is top of mind for the business and has a seat at the table when decisions are made.

Anne-Sophie started her adventure at Yves Rocher 5 years ago. She is currently a Retail Area Manager, with a scope of 22 stores in the Alpes Region in France.

Her main responsibilities are supporting the partners and their teams in the development of their stores, with a real focus on customer satisfaction. She is a real ambassador of the brand, promotting the values, the products and also the business performance.

What she likes the most at Yves Rocher is to work for a committed company by creating significative relationships with her partners and helping them in their business.

Virginie worked on diverse experience customer topics in the BtoB industry before joining the Yves Rocher brand in 2019, as Global Customer Care Manager. With the ambition to discover the Retail and BtoC industry.

Her mission is to put the customer at the heart of the company's strategy and develop customer centricity. She is leading transversal teams and projects in an international environment.To be effective in her job, she needs to be persuasive and convinced by herself.

She loves the brand for its strong values and the international dimension of the teams. For her, diversity is key !

Claire's path at Yves Rocher for 10 years has been pretty challenging as she changed every 2 years of position.

Now in international CRM team, she helps Yves Rocher teams all over the world with their CRM strategies, building an even stronger relationship between customers and brand.

Customer habits are permanently evolving and that's the richness of her position, as she has to look for the most appropriate CRM strategy to the country needs.

Meet Audrey, Omnichannel CRM Manager

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Yves Rocher was a man who was passionate about nature and driven by one mission: to make beauty accessible to every woman while always promoting respect for nature. In 1959, in the attic of his family home at La Gacilly in Brittany (France), Yves Rocher set up his first laboratory. It was here that he would make Botanical Beauty® a reality, expressing an innovative concept of beauty: Botanist, Harvester and Retailer.

Yves Rocher is the only global brand of beauty products to master the entire life cycle of its products: from the plant to the skin of its 30 million customers. Thanks to this specificity the Yves Rocher brand can reduce its impact on the environment as well as reveal and offer the best of beauty at affordable prices. Yves Rocher Brand takes actions by helping the Yves Rocher Foundation plant trees to preserve biodiversity and support the fight of women committed to protecting the environment. This whole vision is embodied today into two words: Act Beautiful.

Yves Rocher belongs to an international Group of 10 iconic and emotional brands, sharing a common working culture around: collaboration, trust, responsibility and recognition.

What they are looking for

At Yves Rocher, people are committed, passionate, positive and believe in a unique model of beauty, responsible and accessible to all. Present in 94 countries, the Yves Rocher brand is looking for international oriented employees ready to undertake global challenges and to expand its privileged relationship with its clients. You may know that the people who will never forget your birthday are your mother & the Yves Rocher brand.

To ensure the transformation of our brand and customer experience, we are looking for diverse profiles as Marketing, CRM, Digital, Data, Innovation & Development Experts.

Are you ready to act beautiful and be part of a one of a kind brand ?

Good to know

The headquarters are located 2 minutes away from public transportation at Issy-Les-Moulineaux, very close to l’Île Saint Germain, a lovely park on the Seine river with side paths for jogging.

When entering the main office, a botanical world will open itself to you with a garden next to the cafeteria where you could fall upon Felix the cat, a wooden cabin, hives on the building’s rooftop and botanical walls.

The offices are accommodated in a high environmental quality building and offer many services for collaborators: a concierge service, a gym room, collaborative workplaces, a beauty institute ….

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