SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Berlin, Caen, Milan, Remote

Technologies and tools


    • Symfony
    • PostgreSQL
    • PHP
    • Node.js


    • Styled Components
      Styled Components
    • React JS
      React JS
    • Storybook
    • Redux.js


    • GitLab
    • Docker
    • Redash

Organization and methodologies

1. We work in multidisciplinary and autonomous teams,

1. We work in multidisciplinary and autonomous teams,

🔹 8 Squads:

👉 6 squads work on "Product" topics: new features and public API for example,

👉 2 squads are particularly technical, the first one is responsible for large-scale technical improvements but also productivity (CI/CD in particular). The second one is responsible for the document life cycle, from uploading to the signature (storage, cryptography, etc.).

🔹 We also have cross-functional teams to support them: Engineering Manager, SRE, Data, QA, Security, Product Marketing and Brand Design.

2. Clear common objectives:

The OKR (Objectives Key Results) method allows teams to work towards clear and common objectives shared with the whole company. Each team can suggest initiatives to contribute to the global OKRs and the definition of the strategic company roadmap.

2. Clear common objectives:
3. A proven working method

3. A proven working method

🔹 Two important steps allow us to bring more and more value to our customers: Discovery and Delivery,

🔹 We use a mix of Scrum and Kanban and our daily routine is punctuated by a few key elements: daily meetings, short iterations, regular product demos and frequent retrospectives to constantly improve.

4. Our tech culture: learning together

We promote internal and external knowledge sharing:

🔹 Guilds allow us to improve among experts in a subject area and share best practices amongst teams,

🔹 We encourage working in pairs. Especially in the Engineering team with peer-programming,

🔹 Once a month, we organize a moment to share so that everyone can present a technical topic that is important to them,

🔹 We share Product & Engineering topics on our blog, 🔹 Every year, each team member can go to a conference of their choice

4. Our tech culture: learning together
5. Our product principles : SIGN

5. Our product principles : SIGN

  • Speed first
  • Impact driven
  • Growth mindset
  • Neat Design

🔹 The goal is to guide our product decisions and allow team members to take actions on their own,

🔹 Every quarter we organize a retrospective on what worked, what didn't and we can work on in the future,

🔹 Every week we have a "team synch", 2 teams share their product news.

👉 Discover our tech blog

👉 Discover our product blog

4. Motivations and qualities that we are looking for :

🔥 Autonomy and ownership: we bring topics throughout the product & development cycles, in order to bring value to our customers. Each Squad works with maximum autonomy to have a daily impact and participate in all stages of product creation,

🎸 Be creative: to meet technical challenges,

🥇 Rigorous: due to the importance of the service rendered to our customers, we have strong product quality and safety constraints,

🚀 Communication: the famous soft skills, so essential to the proper functioning of a team. Some examples: the ability to receive or give feedback, giving visibility on the progress of one's work or that of one's team.

👉 Discover our Product Career Path

👉 Discover our Tech Career Path