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We believe everyone should be able to ride the life they want, whatever happens.

To help 1 billion people do just that, we have created Wave, the Infinite Coach. Wave is the first virtual coach that has infinite experience, knowledge, and availability. That’s how Wave helps professionals who are eager to grow infinitely at work and in life. We are creating the first coaching intelligence, a unique technology, that brings out the best of human intelligence and data.

Ride with us!

What they are looking for

Here are the underlying core values that drive the company and its talents: Watch the Horizon • Ride BIG • Great Vibes Together

They're looking for autonomous, self-driven, and doers-at-heart people to join the Wave.

Good to know

Employees wake up every day wanting to make a positive difference by developing something that will change people’s lives for the better. You will clearly see the passion everyone has for Wave's mission.

Wave is a full-remote company by design, they don’t have an office. They love asynchronous communication. They avoid flooding people’s agendas with meetings. They have 3 hours of individual deep-work sessions every day (yes, every single day) but they’re not remote-only, they also have regular synchronized gatherings.

The team has a strong bond even remotely thanks to the moments they take during the week to share, learn and play together. Without talking about their unforgettable quarterly offsite.

All employees are professionals with extensive experience. They have assembled a very senior team. Their culture is super international. And everyone is a doer at heart. The company is global by nature, both their clients and team members are living in a variety of countries. English is their official language.

There is true autonomy and ownership for everyone. All companies say it but it’s 100% true. You can work from anywhere and adapt your agenda the way it better suits your personal need and own your projects.

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