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Partnerships Auditor UK

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
No remote work


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Wakam's model leads us to outsource many key processes for an insurer: underwriting, production, claims management. We control our partners on these different aspects through 3 levers: continuous operational control, technical analysis and audit. Wakam considers that auditing is a core activity, which goes far beyond the framework required by the regulator. We audit all of our partners every year, focusing not only on standard activities, but also always keeping in mind the following questions: "Does the partner offer the best quality of service for our clients? What is the real risk for us ?
In order to answer these questions, Wakam carries out 3 main audit activities on all its partners:

  1. A Due Diligence, very early in our discussions with a prospect, whose objective is to ensure that new Partner is reliable & robust enough to work with Wakam
  2. A Pre-Audit, just before a partner goes live, whose objective is to go into more detail on its processes and to control its underwriting process for end customers
  3. An annual audit, whose objective is to control the partner's operation and a sample review of its Wakam portfolio to ensure that the management is done according to our highest standards, in the respect of the needs and in the interest of the end customer


Reporting to the Partners Audit Manager, you will be responsible for the following tasks :

  • Participation in the planning and organization of audit campaigns
  • Participate in workshops to prepare audits and report results with Wakam and partners teams
  • Carrying out audits: checks on compliance, identification of anomalies, identification of areas for improvement and recommendations & writing of audit reports
  • Recording of post-audit conclusions and recommendations in the tools
  • Follow-up of recommendation: action plans and closure of partners recommendations
  • Participation in the governance of the audit mission
  • Conducting due diligence on new partners
  • Conducting pre-audits and pre-audit reports
  • Contribute to the improvement of the methodology and tools for due diligence, pre-audit and audit


  • Post graduate/Master level degree with Audit speciality in the Insurance sector
  • You have a successful experience of at least 4/5 years in audit/internal control in an insurance company or in a consulting or audit firm
  • French language skills is a plus, 3rd european language is a real advantage

Your working mindset:

  • You are dynamic, reactive and you perform in demanding and fast-paced environments
  • You are recognized for your rigor, your autonomy as well as your analytical, synthesis and writing skills
  • You adapt quickly to your efforts and manage priorities perfectly
  • You also like to collaborate in a team and you are driven by the achievement of objectives within a group

Recruitment process

  1. Technical & fit interview with Rome, Partnerships Audit team lead
  2. Fit interview with Alexis, Chief Policy & Claims Management
  3. Cross team interview (optional)
  4. HR culture fit interview with Amandine, Chief People Officer or Laura, Head of Talent

=> Welcome @Wakam 🙌

Positive energy, agility, and team spirit are essential to support Wakam in its hyper-growth!

You have the Wakam mindset? Join us!

More about us

Our culture? Free to impact. A culture where everything is possible, where all ideas are taken into consideration, where everyone has an impact on the transformation of insurance! Hungry for freedom? Thirsty for autonomy? If you are adventurous and like challenges, then the Wakam adventure might be made for you!

Discover -on our website- who we really are with the 11 cultural markers that so well describe us!

Mindset compatibility with our ‘Free to Impact’ culture:

  1. Think big
  2. Biased for action
  3. Curious and eager to learn
  4. Can say no and find solutions
  5. Aims for the moon (but please don’t stick on the moon)
  6. And above all: have fun working together 🤜🤛 !

  • Wakam is not based on a hierarchy but on a methodology where everyone finds his role and knows his objectives.
  • With a flat hierarchical system and a highly collaborative operating model, Wakam is an extremely agile and transparent company.
  • Every last Friday of the month, it's at Wakam, a day without meetings to take a step aside and dedicate ourselves to skills sponsorship or other activities (because we are curious, I remind you).
  • Full-remote is a reality at Wakam (there is even one Wakamee who works from his sailing boat ⛵)
  • Last but not least : we are nice and we have fun! (you'll find out by yourself 😉)

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