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Voodoo's Values


Trends and technologies evolve fast. Voodoo believes that people with ownership are in the best position to anticipate them. Great people fulfill their potential when they own their decisions.


The mobile landscape is extremely competitive and users are more demanding. To stay ahead of the competition, excellence is the only answer. At Voodoo, excellence means solving problems by breaking the rules, learning fast, autonomously and by delivering with the best execution.

Think Big

In an environment where only the best products succeed, prioritizing work is key. They do not spend time on low impact projects. They push themselves to work on disruptive, unique and impactful ideas.


Innovation is the result of shared knowledge and collaborative work. At Voodoo, every team is interconnected and works as a global one. They value people who give and accept feedback as a way to self-improve.


They believe that the value of our company is deeply related to the innovative, unique ways they can solve problems and approach product creation. That is why people at Voodoo are very unique too: rich, complex and passionate personalities, who strive to find their own paths.


They try not to fear failure, and will work to launch their products on the market as soon as possible. By delivering fast they learn and improve the probability of success. A great product is a hard-to-find jewel. You need to dig in different places with perseverance to find it.


Follow them!


Voodoo is a tech company specialized in the creation and publishing of mobile gaming applications, including hyper casual games.

These are accessible games for everyone, focusing on gameplay, inspired by the universe of arcade games and; modernised for today's gaming audience.

The goal: to entertain the world with innovative and creative snackable content.

A market leader and consistently at the top of the rankings on the App Store, Voodoo games now have more than 300 million monthly active users and more than 5 billion downloads.

Now present internationally, Voodoo has opened its offices in: Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Barcelona, Istanbul, London, Singapore and with many more to come.

At Voodoo, employees work in small autonomous, agile and independent teams. The company encourages ownership, innovation and creativity in a supporting environment, where sharing of best practice is encouraged.

What they are looking for

Voodoo is recruiting passionate and creative profiles, who will combine data and new technologies to disrupt the mobile market.

Driven by a test and learn culture, Voodoo welcomes people wishing to undertake and manage ambitious and challenging projects.

Good to know

Culture is very important to Voodoo. Employees will evolve in an environment designed so that their workplace is also a centre for fulfillment.

Daily life at Voodoo is characterised by several events throughout the year that allow employees to be well integrated and mobilized around creative and innovative projects. Among them: onboarding programs, seminars, Hackathon, Game jams, wellness events and more.

Voodoo's creed: Do you! Because the individual is at the heart of human resources policy. To encourage employee development, several supporting policies are in place: career paths, individual or group training, feedback culture, etc.

Now present internationally, Voodoo also takes care to support foreign citizens in their integration through full mobility programs.

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