Growth Manager (Outbound Ops)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Possible full remote
  • Master's Degree
  • > 2 years

The company



    The job

    Growth Manager (Outbound Ops)

    • Permanent contract 
    • Starting date:  
    • Possible full remote
    • Master's Degree
    • > 2 years


    Are you searching for a life-changing opportunity? This one will not only impact yours but many across the globe as we help businesses improve their cash flow. Simple, yet critical.

    Upflow is the modern finance hub for B2B businesses to centralise and revolutionise all data exchange, communication, and payments to simply get paid faster.

    • We are a product-led organisation achieving our mission with a tech approach.
    • We have raised $20m in total from great investors (YC, eFounders) and key BAs to help us achieve this bold vision.
    • Upflow is a remote-friendly, hybrid organisation with offices in New York and Paris. You choose where you work best!
    • Our customers span the US and EMEA markets, adding a stimulating international component to our work.
    • We believe in personal growth and invest in educating our team. Learn and grow with Upflow.
    • Over the last six months, our team expanded from 15 to 45! As we continue investing heavily in our team, we aspire to be a team of 100 in 2022.

    And this is just the beginning! How about writing your next chapter with us?

    Job description

    As our Growth Manager for Outbound Operations, you work at the heart of Upflow’s Lead Generation engine and own large parts of our event-based outreach infrastructure.

    As a key member of the larger Ops&Growth team, this critical role works hand-in-hand with our Marketing, Sales, Ops and Growth Engineering teams to ensure that we can execute on extremely high-quality outreach mechanics, all boiling down to ensuring our ability to contact the right prospects (ICP) at the right moment with the right personalized messages at scale to drive up conversions in our funnel and generate new MRR.

    This is an amazing opportunity to work and scale in a fast-growing Fintech and an international environment — we’re based in the US (NYC), EU (Paris) and remote — and directly impact our revenue growth.


    1️⃣Design, implement and oversee key event-based lead generation and enrichment processes across our in-house Prospect Database™, Salesforce & outreach tools.

    2️⃣Automate everything we can throughout our outreach processes for the BDR team to drive more top of funnel volume while keep a healthy % conversion.

    3️⃣Work with Sales Ops and BDR leadership to actively monitor the global performance of our outbound efforts to improve conversion metrics at every step of the BDR funnel.

    Sample Tasks

    🎯Identify and prepare hyper-targeted audiences and campaigns based on specific criteria (intent data, vertical, geography…)

    💌Help BDRs build relevant outreach sequences: aggregate & broadcast copywriting best practices, promote visual prospection (build templates and sales collateral like GIFs, etc.)

    🔍Research prospects and customers in partnership with the Sales & Marketing teams to heavily optimize relevant outreach patterns/use cases or find new ones

    Our stack

    🌈CRMs: Hubspot (Marketing), Salesforce (Sales), Vitally (Success & Care), Postgres (Lead Gen)

    👾Enrichment: Captain Data, Dropcontact, Asgard, Zoominfo, Phantombuster, etc.

    ⚙️Automation: n8n, integromat, Hightouch, proprietary code built by our dedicated “Business Engineering Squad”

    Preferred experience

    You pay attention to details and have excellent communication skills. Moreover, your managers and peers certainly describe you as:

    ⚙️An automation wizard. You’re a data nerd with an analytical mindset eager to scale everything that can be.
    🤔Someone thinking outside the box. You generate new and actionable outbound growth ideas & experiments.
    📈A business enabler. You want to use tech to drive business growth!

    In a nutshell: you understand the why / how / what of everything that’s discussed here : https://growthtwins.substack.com/p/outbound-ops-building-the-bridge

    Recruitment process

    Applying at Upflow really is a two-way process between you and us. We need you to want to work with us you as much as we want to work with you!

    We strive to keep things efficient for you & us by going through the whole process in 2-3 weeks end-to-end.

    1️⃣ You apply
    Show us you’re smart, show us you’re a builder — be convincing about why you, why us, why now!

    2️⃣ Discovery Call (with Antoine, Senior Recruiter)
    30 min in visio to answer your first questions about Upflow and make sure we’re on the right path.

    3️⃣ Screening Interview (with Côme, Head of Operations)
    45 min in visio with your hiring manager to get to know each other and answering your questions. Be prepared, be curious.

    4️⃣ Home assessment and review (with Côme, Head of Operations)
    Your time to shine! We usually provide a detailed written technical test allowing you to showcase your capabilities.

    5️⃣ Team Workshop (with three peers)
    90 min workshop to assess your ability to work hand-in-hand with your future colleagues.

    6️⃣ Final Interview (with Alex, cofounder & CEO)
    30 min in visio to discuss the vision and ask as many questions as you want.

    7️⃣ Ref checks
    We always take the time to do a few ref checks from your previous lives. That will help us understand how to get you onboard.

    🎉 Offer! 🎉
    We look forward to having you onboard! 😃

    Meet the team

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