UNIQ Ventures

UNIQ Ventures

Senior Backend Developer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Salary between €40K and €60K
  • Barcelona
  • 3 years of college
  • > 2 years

The company

UNIQ Ventures

UNIQ Ventures

    The job

    Senior Backend Developer

    • Permanent contract 
    • Starting date:  
    • Salary between €40K and €60K
    • Barcelona
    • 3 years of college
    • > 2 years

    This position was filled!


    UNIQ Ventures es un fintech venture builder, una fábrica de startups que analiza el mercado global en búsqueda de negocios digitales de éxito para implantarlos en mercados donde detecta una oportunidad. UNIQ Ventures cuenta con un equipo multidisciplinar que forma/valida hipótesis, crea prototipos, experimenta, y lanza nuevos modelos de negocio al mercado. Una vez el modelo de negocio está validado, UNIQ Ventures realiza una inyección de capital y contrata un equipo emprendedor para llevar esta nueva empresa al siguiente nivel, convirtiéndola en una compañía global.

    UNIQ Ventures es una compañía privada e independiente, con importantes inversores del sector financiero/asegurador que creen en su metodología, equipo y misión.
    Uno de sus objetivos es crear uno de los hubs tecnológico-financieros más importantes del sur de Europa.

    Los valores que definen a su equipo son los siguientes:

    • Ambición: No se rinden ante posibles problemas o impedimentos.
    • Trabajo en equipo: esa magia solo es posible si trabajan juntos.
    • Crecimiento: Crecen y mejorandiariamente.
    • Integridad: Respetan y cuidan su comunidad.

    Job description

    UNIQ Ventures is a fintech venture builder, also known as startup studio, we build Internet companies with proven business models. We analyze the global market looking for successful digital businesses in finance, insurance and legal to implant them in other markets where we see big opportunities.

    Our mission is create the financial services of the future and make them more accessible for everyone, wherever they are.

    We are looking for a Back-end Developer to join our newest fintech project: Octans, we are enabling businesses to offer best-in-class financial products through a Banking-as-a-Service API Platform.
    Visit www.octans.finance

    Day to day:

    • Develop our client-facing APIs, especially as we add data sources, endpoints or a new product altogether.
    • Build excellent documentation, SDKs, client libraries. Continuously improve the “developer experience” of Octans platform.
    • Be customer-focused, think as a user of our APIs. Proactively tackle potential improvements and customer pain points.
    • Carefully manage API retro compatibility, document API changes and implement deprecation plans.
    • Implement automated quality assurance and monitoring modules.

    Desired profile:

    • Fintech and SaaS past experience
    • Experience with techniques and tools for crawling, extracting and processing data
    • Relevant programming knowledge in other languages such as Javascript, Java, PHP, Ruby or Go.
    • Experience building large-scale platforms with global reach.

    General Comments:

    • This Level role is for a 2-4 year developer
    • Group Size: 15 people
    • Interview Process: Phone Interview, code test, Onsite Interview

    What We Offer:

    • Crucial role and being part of a very talented technical team eager to revolutionize the fintech industry
    • Competitive salary
    • Seaside Office
    • High Equity Compensation
    • Insurance, Snacks / coffee & Team Buildings (2 per year)
    • Flexible working hours and special attention to work-life balance
    • Remote friendly
    • High degree of autonomy
    • Your choice of a new Mac or Windows laptop
    • Flat hierarchy and open communication
    • A stack of the most modern technologies

    Preferred experience

    • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience
    • Strong experience designing and developing RESTful APIs
    • Working experience programming in Ruby/Python (RoR/Django)
    • Track record of producing A-grade documentation for public consumption
    • Detail-oriented developer, coding so others can read and work with your code
    • Willingness to solve challenging problems
    • Excellent spoken and written English

    Recruitment process

    Videocall > Code Test > Final Interview

    Meet the team

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