Matawan (ex Ubitransport)

Matawan (ex Ubitransport)

Mobility, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

Mâcon, Lyon, Paris


Matawan (formerly Ubitransport), is THE digital platform that simplifies daily travel by connecting public transport with all modes of mobility. This comprehensive SaaS platform enables public transport authorities and operators to improve the service offered to users, promote single ticket travel and reduce the carbon footprint of journeys.

Matawan is also a collective adventure that benefits from the expertise of other companies such as Actoll, Mobireport and Sprint Technology. 👀 Discover them in the “Subsidiaries'' section!

Would you like to be part of a company that is a member of the French Tech 120 and work with a team that is committed to mobility in the public interest: mobility that is free, inclusive and sustainable? 🚀 Join them!

What they are looking for

🙋‍♂️ Invested and proactive people, who have a real know-how and want to live an exciting adventure at the heart of mobility issues.

🤝 Human qualities such as teamwork, the ability to give constructive feedback and great adaptability to an ever-changing environment.

🧭 People in search of a sense of purpose, willing to work for mobility in the public interest and participate to the main environmental and societal issues of our sector.

Is this you? If so, apply!

Good to know

The Matawan team likes:

🚌 Being bold, facing challenges and working together to tackle the complex issues surrounding the future of mobility.

🐙 Working together to share expertise.

🤩 Sharing friendly moments to improve good humour, team relationships and listening skills.

👟 Reflecting on quality of life and challenging each other through games and other sporting activities.

🎉And above all, … welcoming new talents!

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