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About Ubeeqo

Ubeeqo has one mission: revolutionize the way we move, with progressive technology and impressive ease and access.

Yet in our big cities, car ownership is increasingly expensive and restrictive. For this reason, Ubeeqo strives to offer solutions to both individuals and companies.

Founded in 2008 and expanding in Europe, Ubeeqo is a fast growing technology company, part of Europcar Mobility Group. Today, Ubeeqo is present in 8 cities: Paris, Brussels, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Madrid, Barcelona and Milan.

We provide cities with a large network of cars that anyone can book for personal or business mobility needs at all times. We also work with companies in order to offer them the best possible option when it comes to fleet optimisation, providing the cars and technology to operate the service through corporate carsharing.

This is our time. It’s time to ride!

A team of entrepreneurs

Ubeeqo is still at the beginning of an epic journey. The team is experienced, skilled and growing fast.

  • Employees

    From 250 to 2,000 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    Mobile Apps, Mobility

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