Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Connected Objects, Logistics



90% of the goods we buy are carried by sea in containers.

Yet, the maritime transport is a low digitized industry, that is struggling to bring transparency and fluidity within the globalized supply chain world.

Traxens, pioneer player in the industry of smart containers, is revolutionizing logistics thanks to the best of data science and IoT data.

Traxens solution consists of :

  • a communicating device, the Traxens box, permanently fixed on containers ;
  • logistics data contextualization algorithms ;
  • web and mobile applications, tailored to answer unmet client needs.

We work hand in hand with major players of the supply chain (shipping companies, BCOs, freight forwarders, manufacturers, container manufacturers, visibility providers and other IoT companies) to provide them with real-time data about their containers and cargo.

Our applications foster collaboration on critical matters such as:

  • Fleet optimization and predictive maintenance 🛳️
  • Supply chain efficiency ⏲️
  • Cargo integrity 🌡️
  • Theft detection 🦹
  • Customs fast lanes 🛃
  • Claims and insurance premiums reduction 💲
  • Carbon footprint ☘️

At the crossroads of IoT, AI and digital applications, our team is inventing the future of transportation.

What they are looking for

Traxens is a constantly evolving startup, facing exciting challenges every day.

We are looking forward hiring new talents, committed, bold, and willing to take up initiatives, doing and failing fast, in a teamwork spirit!

If on top of that you’re interested in shipping challenges and data solutions, Traxens is for you!

Good to know

Videogames, ping-pong game, after works or pétanque special day...we work hard but we sure know how to play 😊

We will make sure you settle in well in the company culture and business by a tailored onboarding period, and we’ll make sure to take care of your journey and well-being in the company along the way.

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