Tomorro (ex Leeway)

Tomorro (ex Leeway)

FinTech / InsurTech, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software



Contracts have remained unchanged for 30 years.

Their content has simply been moved from a sheet of paper to a computer screen and companies have had to adapt, using everyday tools due to a lack of suitable equipment.

Because they are at the heart of business and business relationships, Tomorro reinvents contract negotiation with a collaborative and intuitive experience.

Leeway enables companies to manage the complete contract lifecycle, from generation through negotiation, signing and up to monitoring, in a simple and automated way.

What they are looking for

Tomorro is looking for ambitious people who want to join a young company, who are determined to build and contribute fully to the success of the company.

Talented and resilient people, for whom every problem has a solution and who love to rack their brains to come up with innovative and effective solutions.

Above all, people who are curious and looking for challenges, who want to be empowered on a variety of subjects and evolve in a dynamic environment.

Good to know

At Tomorro they love atypical profiles, so even if none of the offers perfectly match your profile, feel free to email!

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