FinTech / InsurTech, Insurance, SaaS / Cloud Services

Issy-Les-Moulineaux, London, Maitland, Montreal, New York, Singapore


Tinubu apporte fluidité et simplicité au secteur de l’assurance, facilitant ainsi les relations commerciales et les échanges entre ses acteurs.

En alliant son expertise de la technologie logicielle et des métiers de l’assurance, Tinubu offre à ses clients la meilleure combinaison possible. Sa plateforme logicielle de bout-en-bout couvre l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur de l’assurance-crédit et de la caution, proposant une approche « d’autoroute numérique » unique pour l’intégralité des activités.

Créée en 2000 et basée à Paris, Tinubu est un éditeur indépendant de logiciels employant 170 personnes à Paris, Londres, New York, Orlando, Singapour et Montréal. 30 des 60 premiers assureurs crédit et caution mondiaux sont clients de Tinubu.

What they are looking for

Tinubu is above all looking for passionate, curious and enthusiastic people who enjoy a challenge. Those who wish to join Tinubu must have a strong team spirit and a sense of customer service in order to support its international growth.

Good to know

They’re looking for a wide variety of profiles in fields as varied as R&D, innovation and sales, but also in support functions such as finance, HR and marketing. Beyond profiles from the insurance, banking or digital professions, it is interesting career paths, personalities, creative minds and a strong appetite for innovation that will make the difference.

Tinubu is also:

  • Lunch & Learn on various topics presented by colleagues to develop personal culture and internal networking.
  • Regular events such as a picnic in the park in front of the offices, delicious coffee breaks, or mid-afternoon ice cream deliveries.
  • Breakfasts to welcome new arrivals.
  • But also, events outside the office such as indoor football or 10 km races to challenge yourself.
  • A great annual party in December.
  • A kick-off with all the French and International teams in January.
  • The Tinubu offices are fully accessible.

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