Banking, FinTech / InsurTech, IT / Digital

Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux

Organization and methodologies

At Swan, our product is primarily tailored for consumption by other engineers. Therefore, we encourage engineers to actively participate in co-building the product by proposing ideas and questioning feasibility.

To facilitate collaboration, engineers are organized into independent squads comprising 4 to 8 members, each working closely with dedicated Product Managers. Together, they develop the roadmap on a quarterly basis and iterate on it in cycles of 2 to 4 weeks.

Given the importance of system stability, we encourage engineers to propose technical projects aimed at scalability, which are incorporated into the roadmap alongside other features.

Recruitment process

  • A 30-min video call with our Talent Acquisition Manager, to get to know you, understand your career expectations and answer your questions
  • A technical test (45 minutes) and a technical interview with a Lead Software Engineer (1 hour)
  • A pair programming or a Design system with a Lead Software Engineer (1 hour)
  • An offer within 48 hours