Swan is a young Series A fintech, and we're maturing — soon to be 100 Swanees strong! Our team, located across Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin, is split into 5 areas: Engineering, Product, Compliance, Operations, and Corporate. The first 4 teams work together in harmony, bringing together tech and finance, to build and maintain the easiest, most elegant BaaS experience out there. Our Corporate folks keep the gears running behind the company so Swan can continue to grow and scale. They build momentum around our team, our product, and around embedded banking in general!

The fintech and startup ecosystem is keeping a close eye on Swan, and we’re excited to deliver!

  • Sifted “European fintechs to watch in 2022”
  • Maddyness “French startups you must follow in 2022”
  • Palmarès Fintech100

It’s obvious to us that as our people grow stronger, so does Swan, and that’s why we’ve decided early on to invest in your career development early on. Join Swan and you’ll find opportunities to build a unique path for yourself and experienced colleagues eager to share insights and raise you up!

Swan is the engine for Europe’s next tech champions. If you’re excited about helping to power transformative European companies, take a look around, check out our available positions, and feel free to get in touch!


Employee breakdown

  • Engineering


  • Product & Ops


  • Sales & Marketing


  • Compliance


  • People & Finance



The Engineering team is by far the largest at Swan. This team includes Software developers, who build payments and end-customer applications, as well as Infrastructure, DevOps, and Security. Clear communication is a priority in this team, so we make a point to find teammates who can express themselves clearly. It’s important you’re rigorous, too, because when you’re building banking infrastructure you can’t afford to “almost” achieve things. But you’ll never be alone in that task. Co-building is at the heart of the way we work, and we've got plenty of automated checks in place to help you along!

At Swan, you'll work with a hyper modern tech stack to solve stimulating and interesting problems. Even the most experienced engineer is sure to learn a lot. And you'll find all our teams work really well together. That's not so common!

Mathieu , CTO


From ideation, through development, to launch, this team exists to build up an exceptional product! It is collaborative and cross-functional; for example, the Product and Tam teams often work together. The product team is involved from the moment someone has the idea for a new feature, up until it goes live. The team builds up a description of what needs to be done, and co-creates functionalities with the tech team, who then implement those functionalities and deploy them into production. This team includes managers, designers, QA, UI design, and banking experts.

When we launched Swan, we wanted to build APIs for product teams & developers who didn’t know anything about payments. Making everything about banking easy to digest and embed is the focus of this team. We're obsessed with making the best experience possible, and consistently reiterating to make our Banking-as-a-Service even simpler and at the same time more powerful.

Nicolas Saison, COO


We depend on our compliance department to handle all the tricky things like fraud, KYC, Internal control, etc. These folks keep our banking features safe and secure, and always have to think about the best way to combine multiple areas: business, legal, regulatory, customer support, and more. Swan is both a technology company and a financial services company, and our Compliance team makes these pieces fit together!

We're constantly optimizing how we work so all areas function in unison: risk, scoring, legal, business, product...That's what makes Swan so strong, as a whole.

Stephie Ndinga, Head of Compliance


Operations are a key pillar to Swan’s success. Their mission is to provide a flawless end-end customer experience. This team includes our Technical account managers, end-user support, as well as our payments teams. These folks are all about customer obsession and making sure Swan offers the smoothest, most elegant BaaS experience out there!

Our Ops team works day-to-day, making sure all transfers and payments run smoothly, and we're also here to help. We help partners figure out the best way to take advantage of Swan's embedded banking, and we offer support if their customers have any banking-related questions. These are the people behind the scenes!

Thomas, Head of OPS


This team includes Sales, Marketing, People, and Finance. Our corporate folks keep the gears running behind the company so that Swan can continue to grow and scale. They are responsible for building momentum around our team, our product, and around embedded banking in general! They wrap Swan up and deliver it in style. Swan is lucky to be a major player in the new age of banking, and revolutionizing technology even in non-bank-related spaces! With that in mind, we’re interested in driving growth to achieve large-scale impact.

Swan really strives to be a European company. We're seeing more and more international profiles joining the team and that diversity of perspectives is only making us stronger.

Pico, Head of Marketing