Startup Flow

Startup Flow


Startup Flow’s mission is to support large organizations and their teams to connect with innovation ecosystems to explore new business territories, find new business models, and make informed decisions about external innovation opportunities.

Startup Flow is a SaaS platform for companies to map, manage and monitor their open innovation projects with startups and partners at scale. The platform helps to consistently orchestrate the right data, the right processes, and the right people involved in the increasing number of open innovation initiatives (corporate venture capital, startup partnerships, R&D projects, etc.).

Some of the world’s leading innovators (HSBC, Nestlé, Capgemini, Bayer, and many others) are using Startup Flow to build innovation portfolios, design operational processes, and generate automatic reporting.

And they are growing fast! Headquartered in the heart of Paris and with operations in Germany and the UK, Startup Flow supports their clients and their teams in 42 countries.

What they are looking for

Startup Flow values people with different backgrounds and experiences, but always with a hands-on attitude and a true problem-solver mindset. They are looking for sharp, knowledge-hungry, and vivacious doers to join their adventure and help companies explore their future.

Good to know

Startup Flow’s mission brings them to work on the future, but they don’t forget to celebrate and value the present: regular team activities (drinks, breakfasts, sport games, etc.), sunny offsites, inspiring workshops & conferences… they want their people to enjoy the ride.

Their company culture is based on 5 pillars:

  1. Team Player: they strive to grow collectively with respect, solidarity and cheerfulness
  2. Empathetic: they pay attention to their users, clients and teammates at all times.
  3. Professional: they are committed to chasing the WOW factor in everything they do.
  4. Bold: they challenge the status quo and creatively step-off the beaten path.
  5. Ambitious: they aim for the moon while keeping both feet on the ground.

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