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Trusted by Fortune 500 and leading companies, SpotMe is a B2B hybrid and virtual event marketing platform with the tools & production to build amazing customer relationships. With over 2 million users and 400+ customers, G2 and Forrester say they are one of the key contenders in this space. Brands like SAP, Pfizer, and KPMG use SpotMe to drive demand, build connections and grow revenue.

The company created in 2001, currently has about 100 employees within its rapidly growing teams. Though headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the team is truly remote with members in more than 58 cities from 10+ different countries. They go to great lengths to make sure everyone is not just online but connected to each other for real. They believe this kind of trust empowers their people to work and live to thrive.

What they are looking for

They certainly have a hiring bias: they are looking for people who are curious and have grit. These are two core values that they are very deliberate about when bringing new talents on board. And when the entire team has curiosity and grit, everything flows from there.

Good to know

Everyone at SpotMe is different, with different backgrounds and aspirations. Which is just the way they like it. It’s their common values and combined strengths as individuals that make them succeed.

Their Values at SpotMe:

  • Curious and always improving

  • Diligent with intent

  • Humble about oneself

  • Proud about our company

  • Respectful and positive

  • SpotMe has a Work From Anywhere policy

Upon joining SpotMe, new team members select their preferred working mode:

Hybrid: have the choice to work remotely or from a selected SpotMe office, as they see fit. There are no constraints on weekdays or the number of days working remotely.

Remote: work 100% remotely, from home, or at a location of your choice. In addition to the company-issued computer all team members receive, they get a lump sum payment for their remote office equipment. Upon request, they may also occasionally visit one of the SpotMe offices.

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