Mindmesh launched on Product Hunt as #1 Product of the Day of 4/19/2022

Mindmesh is the workspace that puts you in control. Centralize work, notes, todos, and meetings. Bring in work from all your tools - Gmail, Slack, Jira... Jump back in in an instant. Focus on what you should be doing, right now.

Mindmesh is a seed funded Y Combinator startup (YC S21), building a tool to help product oriented teams, and especially product managers, solve context switching and information fragmentation.

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The founders both have strong product senses and place product and the user above all in their decisions. The CEO (MIT) is a repeat-entrepreneur (Google acqui-hired) and former Google PM, and the CTO (Polytechnique + U of Cambridge) has extensive SaaS experience, including as first 20 hire at a tech unicorn. Company culture is paramount to us, we foster an inclusive workplace where each of us feels encouraged and empowered to grow and excel. We value, above all, the sharing of knowledge between all employees, open and transparent work and uninhibited conversation between all employees, from the CEO to the newest intern. When you work at Mindmesh, you become the owner of whatever you're working on. We want you to be an expert at whatever you're doing.

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