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Sparkmate is a product development company helping innovators to imagine, build, and launch outstanding products in the fields of IoT, robotics and cloud platforms!

In less than a year they became a key player in rapid prototyping for innovative projects. Sparkmate helps corporates, SMEs, solo founders and startups jump from a great idea to an operational technical system as fast as possible. They are building things differently, and they are proud of it! In the next few years you can expect to see them emerge as a new leader in the product development space!

Sparkmate was born in 2020, growing in a context of extreme chaos! To date, they haven't brought outside financing into the company (and do not plan to). They are playing the long term game and will build something legendary, their plans go far beyond what anyone would imagine!

What they are looking for

Sparkmate is a place where passionate people can thrive and do what they love: build new things. Traditional consulting companies, engineering firms and agencies often lack the diligence to provide a hands-on approach to solving problems. Sparkmate’s teammates own their projects from A to Z. It's a place where ownership, creativity, and excellence are valued.

Sparkmate is designed for ambitious engineers and product builders who want to power the most innovative projects in the world! They are looking for passionate people with a team-player mindset, strong technical expertise and, above all, the ability to learn by doing in a fast-paced environment.

Good to know

Sparkmate aims to build the best place to work for product people! They do not believe that a cool sofa, foosball, or ping pong tables are what their teammates are looking for! Here are a few things that makes Sparkmate so special:

  • Rocking Friday: every Friday is dedicated to the team, no one works for the clients. Every Friday is different, but the main purpose is learning and growing, so they have team building, talks from amazing guests who share their knowledge and experience, crazy internal projects...
  • Sparkmate has a no-meeting policy, they hate talking about making things, they make things! They believe in asynchronous communication, and while speaking only helps those who are in the room, writing helps everyone!
  • #WorkHardPlayHard, Sparkmate often organizes offsite trips where teammates who want to go and enjoy a bit of relaxation between hard busy periods; parties are also often organized in the offices!

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