Back-end Engineer


Back-end Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Salary between $40 and $99
  • Hong Kong
  • Partial remote authorized
  • > 1 year

The company



  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Back-end Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Salary between $40 and $99
  • Hong Kong
  • Partial remote authorized
  • > 1 year

Who are they?

We support entrepreneurs and innovators in product development and venture building. We help them imagine, build and launch outstanding products while speeding their time to market!

Our tribe is built of curious developers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with a wide range of skills and experiences - allowing us to develop projects from IoT and robotics, to cloud platforms and software solutions in weeks, not months.

We’re playing the long game and want to build something legendary. Our plans go far beyond what anyone would imagine. So as we continue expanding our horizons and internationalization, we’re always looking for rockstars who will share our ambition and goals, and make this legend a reality!

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Job description

🧱 How we build it

  • We are global: We thrive to be global and grow in diversity. As of today, we are present in 4 countries, speak more than 10 languages and have 8 nationalities in the team
  • We are a tribe: Our flat structure calls for a shared and distributed leadership. Being a leader may feel unnatural at first, but we believe and have been proven true that anyone can step up and own parts of a project. We are a team, we act like teammates and we call out anyone who does the opposite.
  • We are doers: We’re given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy at Sparkmate. That goes for everyone, from interns on up. We trust you to figure out how to approach a problem.
  • 4 days-week: work is not about how many hours we spend in the office, it’s about results and what we ship at the end of the week. We believe in high productivity, focusing on what matters. Every Friday is off, so you can dedicate it to what you like, self learning, side projects and so on. Once every 5 weeks, we gather for cool and fun activities with all the tribe 🏄

✨ About the team

Sparkmate is designed for ambitious people who want to power the most innovative projects in the world! We are looking for passionate people with a team-player mindset, strong expertise and, above all, the ability to learn by doing in a fast-paced environment.
Our team is focused on providing the best product development experience to our clients, from understanding their needs and challenging their ideas, to building the best prototype and product we could imagine! We are incredibly diversified with lots of different expertises, from mechanics experts to cloud development wizards.

As part of the web and mobile tribe (the software track as we call it! ), you’ll be bringing to life digital products, web platforms, mobile apps and more, often interacting with physical products. You’ll have the responsibility to ensure the development velocity and keeping a smooth communication with our clients, while working on improving the quality of our deliverables and standards, from UX design to technical architecture.

Some of the products we have brought to life:

  • Sharelock: A connected and shared lock for secure bike parking in cities. From 0 to industrialization
  • Bumpair: Mechanical benches for performance testing of a very innovative inflatable helmet to protect bikers.
  • Showviz: A virtual reality collaborative platform that allows creative teams, production and customers to work together.
  • wideop: A photo based marketplace for professionals photographers
  • The Digital Patisserie: Machines for pastry and food 3D printing

💻 Position

You should consider joining us if this sounds exciting to you:

  • You like to work in a high paced and exciting environment, we’re working in milestones of 5 weeks in which we go through ideation, conception and development.
  • You’re comfortable with asynchronous communication and English as you’ll be working with other teammates from different nationalities and in different locations.
  • You’re comfortable working in autonomy, owning your scope of work while collaborating on some parts of the projects and to make Sparkmate grow
  • You enjoy flexibility in your work, with flexible hours and partial remote possible.
  • You’ll be joining our local hub but working globally with all our teammates no matter their location

💵 Remuneration

We have a clear and transparent remuneration scheme at Sparkmate, that takes the form of:

  • a monthly salary,
  • a yearly annual sharing
  • some incentive in the company.

We base our remuneration system on Ownership and Experience level.
Our salary range goes from 40K and 100K USD per year.

Preferred experience

🎯 What we expect from you

Like any Produt engineer at Sparkmate, you will:

  • Solve technical problems of high scope and complexity
  • Contribute to product design and technical architecture design and conception
  • Consistently ship and be owner of your features, while collaborating hand-in-hand on pluridisciplinary projects
  • Think about products and systems and break them down into subsystems that you’ll be able to develop.

But we’re also looking for some leadership to help us tackle our current challenges:

  • Push our standard and improve our QA focus
  • Help our teammates grow up, by sharpening their expertise and growing their tech culture
  • Recognize roadblocks to our efficiency as a team, propose and advocate improvements solutions

🥞 Tech stack

We work mostly with:

  • NodeJS, Typescript
  • Google Cloud
  • Git
  • MongoDB / PostgreSQL
  • React / Next / React Native

However, languages and technologies can be learned! We value much more about your product development approach and general engineering skills than some specific tech knowledge.

It’s okay if you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications, we’re ready to give you the keys to succeed at Sparkmate if we feel you’re a great fit!

Recruitment process

Ready to join us ?
One last word about our hiring process. It typically follows a 6 steps process:

  • Application through WelcomeKit: Portfolio mandatory and a word about your motivation to join us (tell us why you think you could be a great fit!)
  • Personality tests
  • Call with the founders
  • Call with one teammate
  • Product and tech interview
  • Optional: One day in one of our hubs
  • Offer


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