Soil Capital

Soil Capital

Agri-food / Animal Nutrition, Environment / Sustainable Development, SaaS / Cloud Services

Perwez, London, Paris

Product & Dev (Tech) team

With the Product & Dev (Tech) team, our mission is to build the best environment to help our farmers and partners understand how to improve their practices and have a positive impact on their carbon footprint.

Our mySoilCapital platform (available to farmers and partners) lies at the crossroads of Carbon, agronomy and tech to scale the transition to regenerative agriculture. We work closely with internal stakeholders, farmers, agronomist and partners from the food value chain to better understand their needs and how we could help them adopt better, more sustainable practices. 

We build on our farming DNA and boots-on experience at Soil Capital to ensure we remain close to the field reality.

Sales & Marketing team

The role of the Sales & Marketing team is central to how we convince farmers and companies to take part in our mission.  First, we need to explain clearly this mission. This is the job of the Marketing Team, which will optimise our brand, visibility and attractiveness.

Then we have to convince farmers and theirs partners to join our carbon program. This is the role of our Farmers Team, who talk to dozens of them every day to understand their practices, their problems and the solutions we can offer them.  Finally, our Corporate Sales Team, explains our approach to companies that are motivated to finance the agricultural transition by buying carbon certificates from the farmers in our program.

Agro Team

The core mission of the Agro Team is to carry carbon diagnostics with farmers. Thanks to that measurement, we’re able to advise and support farmers towards better agronomic practices and Regenerative Agriculture.  Measurement is the first step to understanding the impact of specific practices. Based on the collected data, our Team of Agronomists helps farmers to identify ways to improve their carbon footprint and their agronomic practices.  Agronomy remains a core part of Soil Capital’s DNA.

Impact & Carbon Team

The Impact & Carbon Team is responsible for how Soil Capital measures, verifies and monetises the positive environmental impacts farmers achieve as they transition to more profitable, regenerative agriculture. A core expertise today is greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration, but the team also covers biodiversity, water and other related impacts.

Finance & HR Team

As the Finance & HR Team, our mission is to support the other team in their duties while making sure the company is in line with the financial objectives we have set.  From an HR prospective, we try to build a working environment and a company culture reflecting our values with a special focus on : "life is short, make it matter" which could also be translated as : "Work hard, play hard".