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Martin is a member of Smartlook’s Product team which consists of 2 product managers, 2 UX designers and a UX researcher. For the past 1.5 years, he has been working on improving the core functionality of the product.

What he enjoys the most is coming up with new features that are in alignment with the company’s mission and that add the most value to the customers. He likes to stay in close contact with his team to build better relationships that will help the team to perform better. In his free time he likes weightlifting, watching American football and spending time with his family.

Renata is the Content Marketing Manager at Smartlook. Throughout her 10+ year-long career as a marketer, she has developed and implemented marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns from the ground up to drive awareness, leads, sales and, engage existing customers using various types of content and copy as the main pillar.

Her goal is to create the best piece of content that the client will find immense value in, and help them analyze their users’ behavior in order to create better digital experiences for them. In her free time, she likes weightlifting and listening to podcasts.

Vladimir is part of Smartlook’s Sales team. During his first 2.5 years, Vladimir was supporting inbound customers and helping them to explore capabilities and to estimate whether Smartlook was a good fit for potential customers. Starting in summer ‘21, Vladimir shifted into establishing an outbound team in order to strengthen Smartlook’s go-to-market strategy.

Vladimir enjoys staying in close contact with customers and colleagues, while always striving to achieve high standards. Besides his job, he likes to do sports, workout, or read some self-improvement books.

After working for startups in San Francisco and Shenzhen (China), Ondrej joined Smartlook as co-founder and CTO. His passion for analytics combined with business acumen propelled Smartlook into an upmarket trajectory.

Ondrej enjoys working with smart and driven people; he values honesty and creativity.

Currently, he manages the Smartlook development and product team with over 30 employees, consisting of iOS and Android mobile developers, backend and frontend teams.

In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding and is a frequent visitor to the Caucasus mountain range. He also likes memes and chocolate.

A technology and startup enthusiast who successfully clarifies the waters of the digital experience worldwide with his projects.

As CEO of Smartlook, Petr is building a dynamic SaaS company that is reaping global success and fighting for the position of market leader across the entire industry. At the same time, Petr wants to maintain the startup spirit in Smartlook and have an office to which employees will be happy to return to every morning. The company consolidated its efforts to achieving a 100M CZK turnover in 2021, thus confirming its global ambitions.


Smartlook is an analytics solution tool for websites, iOS/Android apps, and various app frameworks, that answers the "whys" behind client’s users' actions. Clients can understand precisely how their customers interact with a specific website and app — by watching user recordings, creating heatmaps, using automatic tracked events, and building conversion funnels. Clients need not rely on guesswork anymore, as all the data can be clearly seen – on one central dashboard, which enables clients to share and collaborate with their colleagues. This means clear, data-driven decision-making for product managers, marketers, UX designers and developers to be able to constantly improve each website and app by reducing churn rates, boosting conversions, identifying and fixing bugs, and improving UX.

What they are looking for

Smartlook is a team full of people who believe in its product. They are open and actively seek and share feedback with each other. They have a great team spirit, which drives them to make their product even better. And last but not least, the team take full responsibility for the work that needs to be done, each day. These aren't just mere words, these are the core values at Smartlook. Smartlook are always looking out for people who share these values and will thrive within the company’s culture.

Good to know

We really enjoy spending time together. Ice skating in winter or BBQ in summer? We’re in! We have our own 3D printers in our offices. Did you lose a box with Christmas ornaments while moving? No problem at all! You can print new ones. Would you like to build your own castle with dragons, soldiers, and princesses? No problem either! We are as passionate about our product as we are about all things tech.

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