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Head of Risk & Compliance

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: March 10, 2024
A few days at home
Experience: > 7 years
Education: Master's Degree


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Reporting directly to the General Manager and to the Board of Directors of SlimPay, you will assume the responsibilities of the two second lines of control’s regulatory functions: Risk Management and Compliance. 

You will be in charge of developing and maintaining the risk management and compliance framework and to manage the overall exposure of the company to the different risks it is exposed to (operational, non-compliance, credit/counterparty, IT, fraud, etc.). 

You will be the prior contact of the French Banking Supervisor (ACPR) and will be closely involved in discussion with other regulatory authorities.

You will be a representative of the company within the professional associations (AFEPAME, etc.) and will have the opportunity to drive works and thoughts about main topics related to payments services. 

You will have to manage experts, with a hierarchical or functional link, who contribute to the 2nd line of defense/control. You will also have to interact with your peers from the Trustly group in order to coordinate some systems/arrangements, issues.

The position will require you to be able to support an overview of risk and compliance, and to report to the Top Management of the company and of the Group Trustly, as well as being involved in operations and decision making at an operational level for the arrangement of the 2nd line of control. 

Main responsibilities

· Risk management

  • Ensure that all material risks the institution is exposed to are identified and managed. This includes areas of material non-compliance with important external or internal rules, laws, or regulations

  • Secure the implementation of the risk appetite statement/framework and the monitoring of the overall risk exposure of the entity

  • Secure the implementation of common risk management standards, methodologies, and processes across the entity (1st en 2nd lines of defense): implement, update and reinforce all the regulatory risk management systems (risk mapping, risk monitoring, incident management, outsourcing management, etc.)

  • Conduct appropriate risk analyses within the New Product Approval process or when it is required or necessary

  • Contribute the the risk management culture and to its spread across the organization

  • Ensure the effective management of merchant risk related to the payment operations (including Fraud risk)

· Compliance

  • Maintain, update, reinforce the compliance systems

  • Ensure the regulatory reporting to the supervisor: RACI, OSCAMPS, CESOP, FICOBA, etc. 

  • Ensure the full compliance of the AML-CFT framework and its clear understanding by the financial crime unit and exposed people

  • Implement the regulatory and mandatory trainings of employees to AML-CFT and other Compliance and Risks matters

· Permanent Control

  • Structure and implement the permanent control approach across the different teams and processes: 

    • Assistance to the 1st level of control to anchor the permanent control approach

    • Deploy the 2nd level controls

    • Report result to the Governance

    • Monitor the corrective actions plan

  • Contribute to the operational excellence, by leveraging on Compliance and Permanent Control. 

The role will require you to take initiatives, be proactive to involve all the teams and stakeholders in Risk & Compliance culture, be innovative to suggest and implement new approaches, agile and result oriented. 

You will have to represent Risk & Compliance in key forums or activities related to the entity. 

You would also have the opportunity to lead workgroups about the future of payment, taking into consideration risks and regulatory trends.

Preferred experience

  • Experienced professional (> 8 years) with track records in Compliance & Risk management within a payment institution / financial services industry

  • Rigorous and challenging: request the best from yourself and others

  • Highly analytical, data driven, decision maker

  • Team player: able to gather people from different cultures to reach a common goal

  • Good communicator: you will have to embody and convey the voice of compliance and risk internally and to stakeholders (Group governance, partners, professional associations, supervisors, etc.)

Recruitment process

4 interviews (VP of Risk + CEO + Group VP Risk and compliance + HR)
+ case study

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