Lead Developer - Data team

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote
Experience: > 5 years
Education: Master's Degree


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The position

Job description

Skillup is looking for a Lead Developer to join our Data team!

At Skillup, the role of a Lead Developer encompasses coaching, management, as well as designing, coding, and operating our suite of modules. We understand that, first and foremost, Lead Developers at Skillup are individual contributors who lead by example. As a senior individual contributor, you are willing to take the lead and go the distance WITH your team. Your commitment to hands-on coding, along with your leadership responsibilities, helps drive the success of our projects and the growth of our team.

Your future missions as a lead will be focused on:

  1. Tech and Product
  • At Skillup, the Lead Developer is a key player in software development and maintenance. You’ll code, set goals, and solve problems while bridging tech and product teams. Quick reporting and continuous improvement are essential. Your role also includes staying updated on tech trends to keep the team agile and ready for future challenges. You’ll work closely with Product Managers to turn high-level business goals into actionable plans, adapting as priorities shift.
  1. Processes
  • As Lead Developer at Skillup, you’ll maintain high standards in processes and quality while enhancing collaboration with external teams like Operations. Open communication and a strong feedback loop within your team are key. You’ll use your expertise to shape projects, work closely with Product Managers, and adapt to changing priorities. A crucial part of your role is to effectively qualify tasks, guiding task prioritization, resource allocation, and work distribution among the team.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, your role as a Lead Developer is not just about ticking off tasks; it is about setting the pace and leading by example. In the spirit of a ‘collective mission’, you are not above the team but a part of it. Every member of the team shall feel equally responsible for all the tasks described above, and that is also part of your mission.

  1. People
  • As a Lead Developer at Skillup, your leadership extends to mentoring and guiding team members, helping them grow through coaching and feedback. You’ll actively contribute to recruitment efforts, aligning them with team needs and company culture. Your role in people management includes conducting regular one-on-one meetings and annual interviews, as well as providing input for salary reviews. Your focus on individual growth and alignment with organizational goals ensures a cohesive and thriving team.


We are convinced that everyone has a role to play at Skillup. We can’t wait to work with you and see what you will bring to the team!

  1. In the company
  • Along with your fellow Technical Leaders, you will be responsible of the integration of the Data team with the rest of the Tech Feature teams and harmonizing Data load/restitution best practices.

  • Same as above, your scope will also involve being the bridge of the Data team with the Operations team handling customer’s requests.

  • Be responsible along with your fellow PM and team to drive the conception and development of strategic tools using Data and AI to improve our current features for external customers or improve the lives of our Operation team’s members working on internal processes.

  • Propagate a data-driven culture across the organization: Conduct training sessions and workshops to awke other teams, executives, and other stakeholders on the value of data-driven decision-making. Foster a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for data exploration throughout the company.

  1. With your team working in the following projects:
  • Transversal projects with feature teams to build orchestrated customer data pipelines

  • NLP projects with feature teams to build AI/ML features

  • Scraping pipeline and tooling for on-the-shelf training catalog

  • Internal tooling for operational teams to configure and operate data pipelines

  • Maintain, improve and scale our data infrastructure and developer experience


  1. Your team
  • As a Lead Developer in the Data team at Skillup, you will be a part of the Product and Tech department. The Data team is responsible for designing, building, and operating tools and infrastructure related to data imports, restitution, scrapping, and reporting.
  1. The Product and Tech department
  • At Skillup the Product and Tech department is composed of 4 feature teams and 1 data team. Each team is ideally composed of 1 PM, 1 Lead and 4 Developers.

  • Alongside the teams we have 2 UX members, 1 Head of Engineering, 1 Head of Product and 1 Product Strategist. Our CTO completes our list of team members.

  • As a Lead developer you will be also part of our team of Skillup Lead Developers managed by our Head of Engineering.

  1. Key Stakeholders
  • You will work closely with your team members, PM, Lead Developers, Product Strategist, Head of Engineering, Head of Product, and CTO to build tools that satisfy the needs of our external and internal customers, such as the Ops team, using the data and tools produced by the Data team.
  1. The Data team’s technical Stack
  • Data engineering: Python, Scrapy, Pandas, Postgresql, MongoDB, Neo4j, Zyte, Airflow, Dash/ Plotly, S3

  • NLP/Machine Learning: scikit-learn, spaCy, pyTorch, fastText, XGBoost, transformers/BERT, GRU

Preferred experience

You are a perfect match for this position if:

  • You have a hands-on approach and prioritize Data Engineering, possessing strong software engineering fundamentals with a focus on Data Engineering. You excel in coding, system design, and architectural patterns.

  • You have the following management experience:

    • You have led teams of at least 4 engineers of different seniority levels while participating in staffing efforts: you know how to lead an interview and select TOP talent.

    • You are proficient in planning, organizing, and overseeing projects to ensure timely completion.

    • You are able to engage your team to be owners **of the team’s projects and responsibilities: The team can continue to work while you are on vacations!

And you have the following profile:

  • Graduated from an engineering school or you have a degree in computer science or you have enough justifiable experience

  • You have significant experience in Data projects as contributor as well as leading a team

  • You have experience in developing ETL processes, data pipelines in production and AI tools

Additional assets

  • You have worked on Machine Learning (ML) and/or Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects

  • You have had experience in infrastructure technologies such as**:** Docker, AWS, S3, Valohai

Recruitment process

We have a 3 step interview process, that is designed to give us both an opportunity to meet each other.

During these steps you will meet:

  • Julie, Talent Acquisition on a 30 minutes visio in a screening meeting.

  • Flavien, Senior Engineer of the data team on a 60 minutes technical interview.

  • Visit in our offices: 2h00 visit at Skillup where you will have the chance to meet your future team, fellow Lead Developers and Jérémie, our CTO.

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