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Founded in 2017, SINGULART is an online art & design gallery dedicated to helping artists and designers take on the international barriers of the art market. Today, our team is composed of 140 people and 28 different nationalities, what a journey in 5 years!

In November 2021, we secured a €60 million SERIES B fundraising, the most successful in the history of the cultural sector! What a journey in only 5 years and with so many more challenges to come! On a daily basis, we work hard to strengthen our mission: empowering artists and designers and connecting them to art lovers around the world!

Our motto? Moving the world with creativity

Our goal? To put creators at the center of our society, to help art lovers in their artistic discoveries and finally to make the art market more transparent and accessible.

Why? Because we believe in the power of creativity. It opens minds, brings beauty to our life and cultivates peace.

Driven by a human mission, we share diversity and equity in our DNA. We value collaboration and innovation. Caring for our people is at the core of what we do, we want them to grow so we provide equal opportunities for all. We believe that all together we are able to move forward, so join our creative, international team and let’s empower artists and designers together!

What they are looking for

At SINGULART, what is most important is that everyone adheres to three fundamental principles:

  • the ambition, to break down the barriers in the art & design world
  • the mission, "Empower Artists and Designers".
  • the values that bring the team together and guide recruitment: boldness, trustworthy, empathy and creativity.

You must also be willing to evolve on a daily basis in a multicultural team, where you sometimes have to explain your jokes but where there is always something to learn :)

Good to know

Gender equality : At SINGULART, women represent 55% of the employees. The company also takes care to represent all artists and designers. Today, 49% of the artists on SINGULART are women and 51% are men.

Parity and Parental Act: SINGULART recently signed the Parity Act! Their goal is to push the boundaries and work for a more equal world in tech! Parity has always been an important matter at SINGULART, which is why they were already involved in the Parental Act to offer a one-month paid paternity leave to the second parent.

Sharing their different culinary cultures: they like to eat, confined or not, so get ready to use your gym membership!

Celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, milestones, any occasion is good to get together (excluding Covid of course)

Remote work: SINGULART has a 2 days remote and 3 days at the office policy. The Tech team is evolving on a fully remote basis!

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