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Singulart is an online art gallery. This C to C marketplace allows nationally renowned artists to exhibit their talent internationally and easily sell their artworks to collectors around the world. Our mission: Empower artists! The Artist Liaison team identifies and onboards talents in more than 100 countries and helps them create their account and build their portfolio on the online gallery.

The Operations team ensures the best customer experience possible for Singulart's collectors and potential clients. The team provides advice and information on artworks before purchase, visibility during the delivery of the goods, and after-sales assistance. The webmarketing team targets art lovers all over the world by studying their tastes and exposing them to artworks they will fall in love with!

Tech is essential at Singulart. Supported by the Product team, our Tech team helps our customers benefit from a smooth and optimal navigation on the online gallery. Besides being simple, the user experience is pleasant and refreshing. It guarantees art lovers will come across an artwork that will please them!

Behind Singulart Magazine, which features, among other things, content about the art market, our collectors, our artists and our staff, you can find our wonderful Editorial staff. They are also responsible for Singulart's digital communication - on Instagram (@wesingulart) and LinkedIn for example.

What they are looking for

At Singulart, what matters above all is to adhere to the ambition - to become THE benchmark in art sales - and to the mission, "Empower artists". The values that bring the team together and fuel our recruitment process are: the willingness to learn, the desire to collaborate, curiosity, efficiency (done is better than perfect) and kindness.

In our multicultural environment which includes more than twenty nationalities, open-mindedness and communication are essential. We learn a lot from each other. So yes, sometimes you have to explain your jokes and cultural references, but the fun is always there :)

Good to know

  1. Gender equality: 68% of women are employed at Singulart. The women artists represent 44% of income and male artists 56%.
  2. We celebrate birthdays at the office: gifts and cakes!
  3. Every Friday morning there is an arty or tech breakfast.
  4. A monthly aperitif at the office.
  5. Sweets, madeleines, cakes, fruit ... The afternoon snack is almost a institution. 6. Parental Act: Singulart offers paid paternity leave of one month to dads.

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