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Maxence Béguin has an international background: he studied at the Warwick Business School and the London School of Economics. Before his 20's birthday, he launched with 2 friends a microfinance investment fund which is still investing in green energy projects around the world (improved stoves or solar panels). Then he crossed the globe on a bicycle during 365 days to meet the supported families.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, he had the opportunity to study the main reasons of success of startups working in a French Venture Capital fund. Later he developed an expertise in traffic acquisition working in a digital strategy consulting firm, before cofounding Sensaterra, with Camille, Denis & Clément. He is in charge of client Acquisition and Finance.

His motto: passion drives success!

Alice, who is originally from Germany, is very passionate about discovering new cultures. Before she began her study program, she fixed-up a van and discovered New Zealand. Upon return, she decided to study International Business. As part of her study program she completed a six-month internship at BMW in Munich. As a member of the special sales team for VIPS and Diplomats she discovered her passion for sales. Additionally, if her internship at BMW had not confirmed her love for sales, then certainly her work at a small company focused on renewable energy did.

At Sensaterra, Alice saw the opportunity to create a multinational impact and seized it. Obviously having access to high class coffee and tea was not a bad thought either. Currently she is enjoying lots of good cups of coffee, while being responsible for the German Market.

Her motto: Be honest!

Former high-level athlete (100m hurdles and 4x100m), Camille is fond of new challenges and entrepreneurship. After 3 years at the Neoma Business School, Camille decided to launch her first event company in Spain to create outstanding moments for tourists. During 3 years, Camille managed over 55 people. Then she crossed the globe for one year to discover the world, understand new cultures and visit coffee & tea farmers.

Camille was then hired by P&G France to start working as a Sales Representative on the field during a year, and got promoted as a National Key Account Manager. She wanted to offer a product that affects everyone's daily life, so she decided to launch Sensaterra with Denis, Maxence & Clément. She is in charge of Sales, Product & Operations.

Camille is passionate about people, travelling, sports and good food!

Her motto: a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Amina, a Master degree student from Lyon, is very passionate about languages and building new experiences. After moving from Italy to France she decided to study Corporate Business in Lyon. As part of her studies, she started an internship at Sensaterra where she is having the possibility to develop new experiences and exploit her ability with languages especially Italian and French. Currently she enjoys being with her team and drinking the high-quality tea!

Her motto: Be perseverant and don’t give up!

Eva is the Operation manager Europe at Sensaterra and her daily mission is to guarantee client amazement.

She is half Italian and half German, speaks 4 languages and has a 7 year career in customer care and operations.

She loves to solve customer’s problems. She has always been driven by her curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions. Whether it’s operational, logistic, strategic issues, she’s been able to quickly uncover a customer’s pain point and identify a solution.

At Sensaterra she is fulfilling her dream: to help create and grow the customer care department.

She strives to be a better person every day: she keeps on learning, she stays calm in front of adversities and she focuses on making high quality decisions.

Her motto: Extraordinary service for extraordinary customers!

Enrico, a History student from Milan, is very passionate about photography, architecture and history. Grown in an agricultural family, Enrico has always had a special attention for foodtech sector! He moved to Paris at first to end his studies. He started his experience in Sensaterra as an intern because he was strongly attracted by the startup environment. After his internship, Sensaterra offered him a full time position since they were convinced of his potential. He started as a tea lover and now he is obsessed by the filter coffee!

His motto: Adapt yourself and you can conquer the world!


Sensaterra is the European marketplace offering tea, coffee, hot chocolate, equipment, accessories directly from independent specialists to all hot beverages lovers.

Currently developing in France, Germany and Italy, their wish is to become the leading marketplace for hot beverages, whether for consumers or for hot drinks specialists. Sensaterra’s mission is to make the daily life happier by offering a wide offering of different high-quality products to consumers, from many different independent specialists.

What they are looking for

You'll fit perfectly in the team if you are fond of challenges, you are proactive and ultra-motivated by being invested in an ambitious start-up launch and growth. You enjoy human relations. You are dynamic. You are confident to work in an international setting with all inside communication in English. And finally, you are passionate or just very curious about the hot beverages market!

Sensaterra is looking for people that fit the company values: Trust, Team Spirit and Challenge. They want you to grow and keep your curiosity growing within the company. All newcomers have the opportunity to attend diverse trainings, and each Sensaterrian gets a personalized and weekly follow-up. Working with Sensaterra means having responsibilities from day 1 and evolving within the company (regular internal promotions). Finally, Sensaterra is looking for talents that are ambitious, not afraid of challenges and always ready to go the extra mile!

Good to know

A fast growing team with a majority of international people currently developing their 3 target markets (Germany, France & Italy). It’s only the beginning and you will grow with them!

Offices in Sentier, the very heart of Paris and the so-called French "Silicon Valley". Sharing these offices with 3 other successful international startups.

A first €1M seed fundraise before the public launch. 4 co-founders including Camille Rodriguez, Maxence Béguin, Clément Marty and Denis Fayolle (Top 30 French Business Angels & Cofounder of La Fourchette)!

A team fond of sport activities and which also enjoy to share friendly times as a team: they organize regular "aperos", breakfasts, or lunches in their big kitchen.

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