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Our values

At sennder we work every day to fast forward road logistics into digitalization. We can only achieve this with a strong team that is bound by the same foundation and principles. A team where all employees give their best and are proud to be part of our journey.

Our culture is shaped by principles that have been part of our founding mindset enabling us to distinguish ourselves from others: deep customer orientation, data-driven solutions, entrepreneurial thinking, team spirit and a constant strive to learn and push forward.

We have recently remastered our values to make sure they will hold true throughout our growth. Those values will be an equal driver for us in the future to remain at the top and not lose sight of what is important and how we want to collaborate. They are guiding our employees in making decisions in the best interest of the company, our customers, our teams, and individuals. With that, we will continue to build a European logistics powerhouse.

1. Keep on trucking

We make mistakes. We learn from them.

Sometimes we tumble or fall. When we do, we look up not down. We believe that everyone needs room to grow and with growth come mistakes. While making mistakes we persevere, we openly share, we learn, we reevaluate, stay positive, and push forward.

2. Put customers first

We grow with our carriers and shippers.

Our carriers’ and shippers’ needs are the center of our business. We listen, we think ahead and we act fast. We care about every email, every phone call, and every single truck. We strive to offer the best possible experience to form long-lasting and empowering partnerships.

3. Run the extra mile

We take ownership and act entrepreneurial.

We make sennder better every day and push beyond the ordinary. That means taking ownership to innovate, implement, and iterate. Simultaneously, we never lose sight of how our actions contribute to our mission. We challenge the status quo, move faster, and get things done.

5. Trust in data

We back our decision with facts and figures.

We always seek data that reinforces our work assumptions while accepting information that is contrary to our views. We rely on data, statistics and structured analysis to make informed decisions and develop strategies that are made to scale.

Professional Development & Perspectives

We are developing fast and we want all our employees to be part of this adventure, at every key stage. With structured feedback and well-defined career development paths, we are committed to support everyone in their professional and personal development.

4. Succeed as a team

We empower those around us.

We constantly share knowledge and live feedback. We include both in everyday interactions to install a sense of commitment and belonging in those around us, but also to embrace change and diversity. Collaboration is key, respect and kindness is a prerequisite, and celebrating milestones is the norm.

Diversity & International Team

We are fortunate to work with people from all parts of the world, sharing knowledge and experience is an integral part of our DNA.

Culture & Working environment

With unique workspaces, authentic team outings and many benefits, we enable everyone to grow in a caring environment and connect beyond the workplace.


Based out of Berlin, sennder was founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Koehler. We are your digital road freight logistics partner when it comes to Full Truck Loads (FTL). As Europe’s leading forwarder, we offer our shippers access to our connected fleet of thousands of trucks. By leveraging our proprietary technology, we are taking logistics in a new direction and bring a new degree of transparency and flexibility to the industry. Taking such a unique approach, we save money for our shippers, increase earnings for our carriers whilst reducing carbon waste.

Their Goal? Their mission as a data-based technology company is to revolutionize the logistics and transport industry by connecting small freight companies with large business groups. Through their proprietary technology, they directly connect enterprise shippers with trucking companies, bringing greater transparency and efficiency to both carriers and shippers. They are committed to making the logistics industry fit for a sustainable future; by using data to optimize route efficiency, they reduce the environmental impact of road freight and decrease the cost of transportation.

Since its foundation, sennder has raised over $350m from leading investors including Baillie Gifford, Accel, Lakestar, HV Capital, Project A, Next47, Scania Growth Capital, Earlybird et Perpetual. In 2020, sennder also entered into a JV with Poste Italiane in Italy and acquired the European activities of Uber Freight. In 2021, sennder acquires the Dutch logistic player Cars&Cargo and also create a partnership with Zeitfracht.

With a team of 900 people in 7 countries, they move 100,000+ loads each month and lead 12,500 carriers across Europe.

sennder's teams are passionate about modernizing the freight market, an industry valued today at nearly €450bn, and are just waiting for you to help them transform it.

What they are looking for

Passionate employees who share their values and corporate culture to revolutionise the freight transport sector!

Good to know

sennder France values:

  • 🚚 Keep on trucking. They make mistakes. They learn from them.
  • 😃 Put customers first. They grow with their carriers and shippers.
  • 🚀 Run the extra mile. They take ownership and act entrepreneurial.
  • 💪 Succeed as a team. They empower those around them.
  • 📈 Trust in data. They back their decisions with facts and figures.

The rituals at sennder France:

  • The sennder Academy every first week of each month to welcome all our newcomers in all of our 7 countries (team building, presentation of the teams/functions and our strategy).
  • All Hands on Wednesdays during which our teams communicates important information transparently.
  • Afterwork, to have a good time everyday!
  • Off-site: once a year, employees work outside the office on a long-term vision and it's ideal for creating cohesion between teams!

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