Electronics / Telecommunications, Energy, Residential Real Estate, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Barcelone, Caen, France, Lisbonne, Lyon, Madrid, Málaga, Rome, Séville, Tokyo, Valence


Selectra works hard to make the world cheaper, greener and simpler by offering home contracts comparison, subscription and management services. Initially targeting energy price comparison, Selectra extended its focus to broadband and mobile plans as well as to insurance and banking. In the long run, Selectra aims at becoming the spontaneous choice of consumers willing to gather all of their home contracts and recurring expenses into a single powerful management tool.

With over 1700 team members in 17 countries around the world, and over 409 millions visitors on its websites in 2022, Selectra is a leading European startup. It has been ranked #180 fastest-growing French startup by LesEchos in 2022 and has been listed on multiple occasions in the Financial Times ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

What they are looking for

Selectra is looking for world leaders in their field of expertise: excellent sales agents, passionate business developers, experienced geeks, and many other profiles!

At Selectra, digital enthusiasts have the opportunity to develop their skills and expand their careers alongside Selectra's experts.

Working at Selectra is a stimulating experience as we try to only hire humble individuals having in common a real passion for their job as well as outstanding skills in their area of expertise. Age and experience don’t count as much as fast learning skills at Selectra, where young graduates often occupy top management positions.

We strive to stay away from frequent work cultures’ flaws (useless meetings, bureaucracy, slowness...). We never leave unhealthy situations unattended. In a nutshell, we create the conditions for a serene work environment where being kind and helpful to each other comes naturally, which we believe is a condition to attract the best talents and achieve high performance.

Good to know

Selectra's offices across Europe have a campus-like atmosphere where the dynamic climate encourages ideas to bubble up and people to grow.

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