Cyber Security, Metallurgy, Specialised Engineering

Cesson-Sévigné, Oujda, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo

Commitments and CSR

Secure-IC is committed to integrating environmental, social and economic issues into the governance of the company and with all its stakeholders.

We are convinced that CSR commitment improves the company's performance and makes it more sustainable. The values we defend are closely linked to CSR issues and it gives meaning to this commitment within our business.

We are committed :

🌍 to control our environmental impacts

💼 to implement working conditions aiming at increasing our people’s well-being and to promote a good quality of life at work

👥 to equality, non-discrimination and fairness in remuneration

📈 to anticipate risks, improve efficiency in order to perpetuate the activity

🤝 with actors of the technological economic fabric to act favorably on the territory